Sam was one of Cassima's friends in Mordack's Castle labyrinth. Sam is said to be the brother of Dink.[1]


Princess Cassima was able to befriend Dink and his brother Sam. This warm human contact probably had much to do with Graham's opportunity to survive his encounter with the deadly beast.[2] Princess Cassima called a the creature in the Labyrinth Maze, Dink, but she might as well have called it Sam. She claims that Dink has a brother by that name, and it can only be assumed that the creature goes around making the sound "Sam! Sam! Sam!".[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The King's Quest implies that Sam is the same species as Dink. It postulates that its possible that Dink is not a name but simply the sounds or the language that the species make. If Dink is a name then may be possible that Sam, would go around repeating his own name, like Dink repeats his.

It is possible that Blue Meanie might be Sam, and that he is only hostile to intruders. The companion suggests that the blue beast may be related to Sam in some way. However, Cassima appears to show disgust towards the 'blue meanie', suggesting that they are not friends. In which case the henchman may be yet 'kin' of Dink's and Sam.

Another possibility is that Dink is Sam. Or rather Graham encounters Sam the Dink.

Some fans have thought Sam might be the mouse found in the same screen that the Cassima discusses the character in. Also if Graham is stuck in that screen the death message states, at least he won't be 'alone'[4], implying that he has a friend to spend his time with.


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