Samhain is the ruler of the Realm of the Dead (KQGS)


Manny once played a game of wits against Samhain in which he obtained a set of goblets from the ruler. One of them holds an irreversible, eradicating elixir A powerful magic that will slowly destroy whatever it touches from the inside out.

Graham last adventure was to die and on his way into the realm, recover Lord Samhain's xylophone.

Graham has a vision in which he traveled to Samhain's realm touched Samhain's xylophone (seeing the skeletal spirits of his old friends Acorn and Whisper), and entering the first gate into the Underworld he visited ghostly remains of other friends haunting the afterlives (including Amaya, the Hobblepots, or the Feys depending on his Virtue).


  • Lord Samhain

Behind the scenesEdit

Pronounced "Sam-Han" in the new King's Quest.

The elixer of Death maybe the same 'corrosive' waters that flow in River of Death (aka Styx) from KQ8, though in KQ6 the water was not corrosive, and only caused a person to go numb, fall into it, and sink

Samhain's role has been updated/upgraded a bit by how he is described in the reboot. He more than simply the Lord of the Dead for the green isles (and occasional empires such as possibly Greece & Troy (Helen of Troy) and Egypt (Cleopatra) rule extends to Daventry and its dead in the reboot.

Rather than utilizing Azriel the Lord of hte Dead of the Dimension of Death, who in the original lore takes the dead from Daventry and the surrounding lands. If Azrael exists or not is not known, and he need not exist like many other classic characters do not exist in this universe as it is reimagining.

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