Sarah's House
The humble single room cottage where Sarah and her mother, the Widow Burke live in Daventry town. On the day of the cataclysm Widow Burke had been preparing a kettle of warm healthy broth in the fireplace, while Sarah was sweeping the front yard. They had recently tasty mushrooms (likely picked from the patch growing near the house) which they had kept in a basket on the kitchen counter for later use. They kept a Potion of Shield on a shelf near their two beds in the back of the room a carpet lies on the floor between them. A loom rests near the fireplace, and a spinning wheel with a stool could be found on the opposite wall near the kitchen counter. The dinner table in the middle of the room had dishes and cups set out. A broom was in a corner near the fireplace. Next to the entrance was a padded bench.

When the cataclysm, hit Daventry, the vile curse had turned Widow Burke into cold stone in the middle of the room. Connor searched the house for provisions for his long journey and took the potion and mushrooms(including the ones near the house). He ate the broth to help heal injuries he had received during his battles. A goblin had been loitering nearby the house and tried to attack Connor, forcing him to defend himself with his bare fists. After which he took the goblin's dropped loot to help in his adventure. Connor found a small pile of coins tucked at the side of the house, which he also took to finance his journey.

A tree near the house held the invisible and mysterious Apple which could only discovered through the use of a Potion of Reveal.

The house is across the street from Connor's House.

Behind the scenesEdit

This building is listed as the 'Cottage' in the debug mode.

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