TSL universeEdit

Sarah married Connor, becoming known as Sarah MacLyrr.

Daventry SuiteEdit

In Daventry Suite, the heroine Sarah, describes her thoughts and feelings immediately after the curse on Daventry had been lifted. In her imagination she pictured her reunion with Connor Mac Lyrr and the festival that would undoubtedly be held to honor the hero of Daventry.

There on the path in front of my home,
I last saw my love, my hero, my own!
He caught a strange object that fell from the sky,
As it turned me to stone, I heard his mournful cry.
When is he coming, where is he now?
Yonder defending his honor, I trow.
The curse has been lifted, for how long I know not:
When is he coming, where is he now?
When he gets home. he'll take me in his arms:
He'll hold me and kiss me and shield me from harm.
The townsfolk will hail him as their hero of might;
King Graham will come forward and make him a knight.[1]

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

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