King Saul of Israel was the first king of Israel.


While he was king, the Phillistines attacked Israel. The terrible giant, Goliath fought for the Phillistines against King Saul of Israel.[1] The future king, David defeated the giant, saving the kingdom. David kept Goliath's sword and used it later when he fought Saul[2], and became the next king of Israel. The events of Saul's life are recorded in the Bible.

Behind the scenesEdit

He may have been one of Telgrin's black knights. Telgrin once took the soul of another King Saul, creating one of his black knights. However it is unclear if these are the same person or not.[3]

The black knight King Saul may be a reference to the biblical king Saul. But they are likely not one and the same being. Not unless Telgrin managed to steal his soul near the end of his life (when he committed suicide).

Technically David did not fight Saul directly, he respected the king too much. Saul died by his own hands by suicide when he feared loss and capture by the philistines. There were of course several near-battles where Saul came close to David's hiding places, but David always peacefully resolved the situations, with Saul recognizing his justice and honor before parting again. But the peace was never maintained as Saul fell further into madness, and began to blame David for his problems again.


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