The Seasons are the four periods of time that make up a year on the world of Daventry. In the northern hemisphere it begins each year with the end of Winter, followed by Spring, then summer, then Autumn/Fall, then the beginning of Winter before returning to Spring, the following year.


There are natural seasons, but in some places the seasons are augmented by magic (by faeries, druids or other beings) keeping the weather consistent, and other beings. These beings include Ahi'aorina Culatha, Icebella, Ceres, Mother Earth (or other beings known as Mother Nature) and others.

The magic may augment the weather so much, that without the magic the weather would become exaggerated and uncontrollable. For example it may uncontrollable snow for millenia as if an ice age if the fairies magic stopped controlling the weather near Daventry. In those situations it would take an aeon or two for nature to balance out on its own.[1]

Natural or otherwise, the seasons always follow the course of same order of seasons each year, four destinct seasons in most parts of the world (unless directly interupted). In places augmented by magic, the loss of magic could cause seasons go out of control (for exmample bringing on a second, and ultimately endless winter even though it was already spring). In the Land of the Green Isles the druids maintain an endless spring across the islands.

Each season is made up of roughly three months each out of the year's twelve months. November for example is a late autumn or early winter month (and it may straddle both seasons), and May is a late spring month or early summer month (and may straddle both seasons). But not all calendars and systems define when the seasons begin or start the same (it is difficult to tell which systems are being used in the world of Daventry). But there may be some fluidity and the start of the seasons may not be exactly the same each year.

For example it is fairly clear that both Llewdor and Tamir share the same seasons. When Rosella visited Tamir in the summer, she encountered Pan who was playing a Maytime dance (depending on the system this could suggest that she was there in May and the month occurs in the summer). However it is known that she (and her brother) were almost 18 (within a few days or weeks), and her birthday is apparently in the early autumn (thus suggesting that Pan may have been playing the tune outside of the month of May).


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