The Sentence is an item in KQ6. It says, "Where are you going...?" Alexander found it drifting near the shores of the Isle of Wonder. He had heard of alphabet soup, but this was ridiculous. He handed it to the Dangling Participle, who later hitched a ride with him until returned to the Book Worm.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is one of the several examples in King's Quest games of English alphabet and language appearing in text in the King's Quest world. Other examples in KQ6 include the wedding announcement poster, and Alhazred's letter, and signs on shops throughout the games. The King's Quest companion calls this language, the common tongue.

  • The sentence reads "Where are you going...?, but only the word "Where:" can be seen in the inventory.
  • The 'elipsis' ("...") in the sentence indicates a missing or omitted portion of the sentence.
  • There is no colon (":") in the sentence as read by Alexander, and he appears to also add the 'capitalization' as the fragment is apparently in block letters.
  • The "complete" sentence is "Where are you going to?". This is likely a nitpick by the developers, as English sentences usually do not end in a preposition.

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