Serenia is a land to the north that lies alongside Daventry's borders. It is inspired by the land of Serenia visited in the original King's Quest series.


Serenia is the home of the Wedzel Wolves who live in the hills of Serenia. The wolves sometimes come down from the hills to the south to enter Daventry during the winters

Were-bear (KQGS)s live in the Serenia woods between Serenia and Eldritch.

Squaddlenogs are believed to live in the Eastern mountains of Serenia.

Bill the Yeti lives in the mountains as well.

The land also borders the Infinite Desert which also borders Llewdor (KQGS) and Eldritch (KQGS).


Behind the scenesEdit

Serenia may have appeared at the end of Chapter 3 as the location where the tower turned to ice. It may also be roughly near to Avalon.

Serenia is a kingdom that appeared in King's Quest V and the earlier released Wizard and the Princess. Based on the information in the new series it is highly inspired by the events of KQ5 (where majority of Serenia is attached to the continent and lies near Daventry). There is however no indication that any inspiration comes Wizard and the Princess, or that the split of the continent as seen in King's Quest 3/The King's Quest Companion and Wizard and the Princess has occured in The Odd Gentlemen's timeline. Instead it appears that Serenia is connected not only a 5-10 years before KQ1 (See Chapter I), but is still attached a few years after KQ1 as well (See Chapter 2).

Based on the original lore from Wizard and the Princess, King's Quest 3, and the 1st Edition of the King's Quest companion the split caused by Harlin the Malevolent occured likely not long before KQ1 (see King's Quest Companion 1st Edition, and information in 2nd Edition), but was probably restored between King's Quest 4 and KQ5 (see second edition).

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