Serenia is a continent & country mentioned in the BB universe that references the Serenia from King's Quest V and Wizard and the Princess. This article discusses slightly different intended context made by the novels as to the geography of the continent.

This info is also discussed in the main Serenia article but in slightly less detail.


Unlike the original game and King's Quest Companion which place make travel across the continent of Daventry a few hundred miles at most, and the travel between Daventry and Llewdor only about a day, and travel to Serenia about a day's flight.... Alexander for example, twice sailed from or to Llewdor and it takes him less than a day each time. It takes around 2-3 days to cross Serenia (at least from the Companion's scale). Even the Green Isles is relatively close assuming someone doesn't get lost in the seas, and sail around in circles for months due to magnetic anomalies. King's Questions claims it only takes as long as it takes to finish a rousing game of King's Questions.

In the novels things are very different.

Serenia the continent (which is named in the title of Insects of Serenia and the Surrounding Lands, Volume III: T to Z is is described as being around 3,000 miles across with the Sea of Barnacles apparently on the west coast near the western sea, and Vale of Obscurity in Hibestian Range closer to the eastern coast and the northern sea where its colder. From north to south there is at least 600 miles. It takes maybe roughly 7-12 weeks to travel from the Spasky Hills down to the Plains of Jed. It takes Graham about a month to travel from Daventry to the Kingdom of Sorrow in the Hibestan range.

Llewdor and Kolyma are indirectly mentioned in the novels their location are not specific, both can assumed to be hundreds if not thousand of miles away on a separate continents (if Llewdor was on a continent separate and to the west and Kolyma to the south east). Perhaps based on some vague clues it took Alexander several months to cross between the two continents of Llewdor and Daventry.

Lands and LandmarksEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

There is also a reference to Sirenia in the novels, but its unclear if this is intentional or a typo.

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