The Serenia university is one of the various academies of magic in the world in or near Serenia. The leaders of the Forty Thieves, the Serenian bandits were once students.


The leaders of these brigands had once been students of natural order, magic, and philosophy there. They soon differed with their teachers, however, over just what constitutes good and evil. Their studies led them down the dark path that equates might with right and gold with good. Eventually, surrounded by others of the same unsavory leanings, they left their university to pray on caravans in the Endless Desert near Serenia.

The official name of the university might be NΓH U.

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically, the location of the academy is not known (but must at least lie near the Endless Desert and/or Serenia). They are however linked to Serenia in most the information (referred to as the 'Serenian bandits'). Secondly its implied that virtually most towns sell items to students of the various academies of magic throughout the world. This suggests that Serenia would have a nearby academy of magic of its own (perhaps one in which Crispin teaches or has taught at). The official name of the university is not known.

Though Abdul Alhazred's history before the Green Isles is not known, his personality, traits and style are closest to the Serenian bandits both having been inspired by Arabian Nights stories.

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