The Servant Women enter the Castle of the Crown as they please, but their lives are hard and without simple pleasures. Prince Alexander could empathize with their lot in life.[1]


In preparation of Alhazred's wedding to Cassima, two sets of serving wenches entered the Castle of the Crown. The first set of serving women enter the castle before the wedding plans are announced to the general public. They was plenty of work to be done, and they had no time to doddle. They had to clean up so that Cook would not worry himself over the wedding preparations. Later after the formal announcement was put into town, more serving women showed up, they were quite late.

Behind the scenesEdit

The first set of serving women show up at the castle shortly after Alexander gets past the Sense Gnomes.

More "serving wenches" show up at the castle shortly after Alexander helps Beauty and obtains the dress from her.


  1. KQ6 Hintbook, pg 59

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