Shamir Shamazel's wardrobe and appearance changes throughout KQ6, not only when he shapeshifts, but also some of the clothes he wears in his regular form.

In KQ6 Amiga in close up cinematic scenes such as when Shamir is in the Vizier's study, the blue top piece of his turban is missing (though the overall color combination is nearly the same as in the VGA version). The armbands are less fancy, lacking the ribbons off to one side. In a close up image, Shamir appears to wear a pink and gold turban with a green top. In other instances, he appears to wear a tan turban with a green top. Interestingly enough in the closeups Shamir is shown to have regular pupils (with no sign of the glimmer). Depending on different instances his outfit also appears to be different colors, he sometimes appear to wear a tan and green turban.

Behind the scenesEdit


A closeup picture Shamir appears in the files for KQ6 dos, it was modified and used for the Amiga version of KQ6 (though its appearance varies depending on palette swap being used in the game). The portrait in the original artwork shows Shamir with a violet, turquoise and gold turban.

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