The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Shamir Shamazel makes appearances in fan fiction, including fan games.

Fan GamesEdit

IA universeEdit

In King's Quest 3 IA, Alexander sees Shamir in the old man disguise taking mints from the shop keeper's counter, and then leaving. Upon looking at the man he has the weird feeling that perhaps he hasn't seen the man for the last time.

POS universeEdit

The Ferry Restoration

Shamir repairs the Ferry a few weeks after the the coronation of King Alexander and Queen Cassima. He gets ahold of some mint and destroys a portion of the Isle of the Crown's land, the former dry dock.

What is Decreed Must Be

Shamir Shamazel attends the wedding of Princess Rosella and Prince Edgar. After the curse is put on Rosella and King Alexander, he tells Graham, that he has never seen this kind of magic before.

Fan FictionEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In The Four Winds, it is said that Shamir Shamazel repaired the Ferry after the coronation of King Alexander and Queen Cassima (long after the end of KQ6). However, this ignores references from the good ending in King's Quest 6, in which the Ferry was repaired before King Alexander and Queen Cassima's wedding. It is stated by Saladin that Shamir Shamazel repaired the Ferry instantly with his magic, allowing other citizens of the islands to attend their wedding, and ending the feud between the islands.[1] In the King's Quest Companion, it is also stated that Shamir Shamazel instantly repaired the Ferry, by Cassima's decree in order to allow others from the islands attend the wedding (and to get transport and communication between the islands started up again).
  • In TSL, Shamir's eyes do not flash gold, as they do in KQ6. This was one of the traits found in genies of Shamir's type.


  1. Saladin (KQ6): "With Shamir saved, and his power used for good, reuniting the islands will be far easier. He has already repaired the ferry."[1]

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