Graham discovered a strange sign he discovered in Kolyma, on the back of a tree in a grove of trees. He was very puzzled by it.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Sierra is pleased to announce:
The Sarien Encounter
Become Roger Wilco, sanitation
engineer aboard the space lab,
Arcada. Save Xenon from those bad
boys of the universe, the Sariens!


To Heir Is Human"
You are Gwydion, young slave to"
the evil wizard Mannanan. Discover"
his magic and use it to free"
yourself from his thrall."
(C) 1986, Sierra On-Line, Inc."

Another sign on the Antique Shop marks when the store is open or closed.


Alexander-Gwydion saw a sign on the house of the Three Bears.[1] He also saw signs on the buildings in Port Bruce.


Signs can be seen on various shops and inns of Serenia.

Another sign Graham saw in Serenia warned of the dangerous nature of the Dark Forest.

Green IslesEdit

Signs mark the establishments in the Village of the Crown.


Signs are used in a number of establishments in Eldritch.


Daventry has a sign showing the way to Castle Daventry from the Town of Daventry. During the cataclysm the way was blocked.

Signs also mark different establishments such as the pub, and alchemist's shop.


Signs can be found in other lands as well.

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