The Silver River is a river said to exist in Serenia.


It is rumored that a farmer and his son, and the Princess live on one side. It is rumored that inside building there, exists a desk with the statue of a gold yak.

The river is thought to be home to and guarded by the Hideous Otter-headed Jungle Beasties, and beyond it within the jungles lies the Wizard's Keep, where the Knight of Daze lives at the top of the Stairs of Amazing Girth. It is said that only those who have a gift of gold may see the Wizard.

However, those who have talked to the citizens of Serenia, believe the rumors are not substantiated, and there maybe no Otter-headed Jungle Beasties, let alone a Knight of Daze. But many have information about Mordack and his secret hideout...

However, the Silver River maybe in fact the river that passes through the Sovereignty of Serenia along the southern edge near the Town of Serenia. The rumors of the Wizard's Keep may refer to remnants of Harlin's Castle instead.

It maybe that this river flows south to the lands to the east of the Old Woods and west of the Glass Mountains. A river there is described as being a silvery ribbon. This area may have been the former land known as Sideria.

Behind the scenesEdit

This river is mentioned in the KQ5 manual in a section called Questing For Quest Questions. Which offers a kinda of exaggerated example quest on how to use icons in the game and solve puzzles.

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