The Silver Whistle was an item that Rosella received after giving a fish to a pelican.


While stranded on a desert island, Rosella discovered she had a dead fish still in her pocket, which she threw at a pelican in frustration. The bird dove and caught the fish, but dropped a silver whistle from its beak as it did so. By tooting on the whistle, Rosella was able to summon a dolphin, which rescued her and returned her to the mainland of Tamir. Where the bird obtained the whistle is unknown. However when the wicked witch was sending her minions to attack Dorothy and her friends traveling to the Emerald City, she summoned them by blowing on a silver whistle. Silver whistles are not that uncommon though, so it is doubtful that this was the same whistle that Rosella found. On the other hand, you never know.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Though King's Quest 4 is mixing up at least two or three references from several sources together (including the Wizard of Oz).

A more direct fairy tale inspiration that connects both a golden 'whistle' and the Golden Bridle together appears in the story the The Dwarf with the Golden Beard.[2] As the Companion notes though the idea of silver whistles in fairy tales is not uncommon.


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