Sinofas is an old witch living in the marsh near the Old Wood approximately southwest of Castle Daventry.


Sinofas was reputed to be a solitary and powerful witch. She had lived in the marsh for as long as anyone could remember, some said she lived there since the beginning of time. There were stories, terrible stories of what happened to those who had the misfortune to annoy her.[1][2]

She considered Telgrin a threat to her lands, so she helped Alexander back into dark castle after he had escaped the first time, by turning him into a frog. The spell could only be broken by the kiss of a princess.

Behind the scenesEdit

In a sense the first withdrawal is considered the beginning of time for the world of Daventry (see Crispinophur). Although there is evidence that some cultures and places existed before the withdrawal. It is unclear what 'beginning of time' the legends of Sinofas are referring to.


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