Sirenia is a land in the world of Daventry.


The land is known for a species of poisonous indigenous newts. The newts contain tetrodotoxin poison.[1]

This could be one of the western and southern kingdoms which the people of Daventry fled to during the destruction by the Three-headed Dragon.

These are the many kingdoms the continent is divided into, most of them small and only a day or three's journey by foot in extent. These fiefdoms sometimes war or battle with each other for reasons their rulers care about, and shrink or grow depending on their martial fortunes. They seemingly come and go with the seasons, and few are remembered after their passing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sirenia appears to be named after Sirens, in Greek mythology, were dangerous yet beautiful creatures, portrayed as women who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

More direct reference is to siren an animal that is part of the newt and salamander family also known as, or similar species to a mudpuppy. Which would make a direct link to the newts that live there. Sirenia is the biological order in which sea cows are classified.

See No Weevil mentions the land of 'Sirenia' as being the location of a species of poisonous newt. This should not be confused with Serenia (unless it was a typographical error), and land seen in Wizard and the Princess/Adventure in Serenia, and KQ5. The same book does mention the continent of Serenia or the kingdom itself, in the title of one of the books found in the Cyclopedia.


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