Two women who kidnapped a child brought cases against each other each accusing the other of kidnapping the child. The child was wrapped in a white blanket lined with fleece and lace in a northern style found in the northern reaches of the kingdom. One of the women claimed to have originated from the southern edge of the kingdom near the sea, the other women claimed to be from under the Twin Pillars of the Moon to the north. Rosella knew her geography and thus knew that the Twin Pillars were actually to the west, and thus knew for certain that the latter women was lying. She was less sure of the other women, but thought it might be less likely for a southern Daventry women to have a northern style blanket. She figured that the child was probably kidnapped from another woman of Daventry, who was missing the baby. She scared the two women enough that they admitted that the kidnapping was planned by both of them, and that both were sisters of each other. They hoped that they could trick the judge would give one of them official custody with the weight of the crown behind it.

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