Small Alpine Lake[1] (aka the Alpine Lake[2]) is a small alpine lake in the Kingdom of Daventry. It was once located just west of the Door into Mountain.


The lake is surrounded by pine trees and a small stump. A cool breeze blows over the pretty little alpine lake, and the lake shimmers in the quiet mountain air.[3] Sunlight glistens on the rippling lake water. The water of the crystal clear lake is especially cold and crisp. The Leprechauns use it to brew their Dandelion Wine.[4] Lush colorful bushes grow all about the little lake. Many evergreens surround this pretty lake. The gnawed-stump is indication of the beavers that once lived in the lake.

It's water sparks like emeralds.[5] It's a narrow lake, and it's alpine waters are chill. Graham found the nameless alpine lake to be an inviting mountain lake.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Small Alpine Lake is one of the two or three possible lakes that is known as the Inviting Lake (and two specifically described as inviting).


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