Smaude is a gorgon living in a cave in the northern mountains in the Llewdorian desert.


She hates men, seeing them as untrustworthy, and enjoys turning them to stone. She offers Gwydion (unofficial) a chance to face her, to which she poses riddles to him, to see if he is worthy. Gwydion answers her questions showing his innocent soul, and she comes out of the shadows exposing herself to his view. Because he is pure, he does not turn to stone, and the curse put on her is lifted. She is transformed back to the beautiful woman that she once was. She asks to reward the young Gwydion. He asks for the smooth amber stone, she requests that he give her a looking-glass so that she is presentable to return to the village of Llewdor.

Alternatively, Alexander may enter the cave, and show the mirror to the gorgon, transforming her to stone with her own gaze.

Behind the scenesEdit

'Smaude' is an anagram for Medusa.

Smaude is voiced by Lori Cole, co-creator of the Quest for Glory series and part of the original King's Quest team (including providing the voice for Queen Icebella).

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