Snakemaker is a spell of Iconomancy.


Snakemaker turns the spellcaster into one of the most dangerous of vipers, the King Cobra. Such a snake is most fearsome and deadly. In such a form, the wizard can hold at bay, frighten, or attack most mortal creatures quickly and with a most mortal effect. Some beings are impervious to the cobra's venom, and creatures much larger than the human can withstand the effects of the poison longer. But, if the mage recognizes the exceptions, this can be a most lethal of transformations.

Besides the ability to strike with poisonous swiftness, Snakemaker, much like Rabbit Run, allows the shape-changer to venture into places too small or tight for humans. On the other hand, snakes do not have good vision in the dark so this is not a particularly effective effective transformation for exploring dark places. It is a good form, though, to chase cats in. If Alexander had known this spell whilst being terrorized by Manannan, as his brother Mordack's prisoner, he would surely have used it.

Because snakes tend to make their diet of small critters and vermin, this is an excellent spell to be used in household or barnyard pest control.[1]


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