Southeast Kolyma is the smallest area in western East Kolyma (made up of nine areas, and only a couple of major land marks). It is not to confused with eastern edge of Kolyma beyond the mountains where most of the population of the continent live.

Southeasst Kolyma lies south of the larger Northeast Kolyma, and lies east of the equally small Southwest Kolyma.

The biggest landmark in this area is the Bottomless Chasm (part of which actually curves into Northeast Kolyma due to the 'containment' spell around Kolyma) and the seven-crossings bridge.


Behind the scenesEdit

The King's Quest II Hintbook divides Kolyma into almost four equally sized sections on four pages, but note both east and west 'repeat' the same sets areas on both sides (this including north and south edge of the poisoned lake, Dracula's castle in the lake, some generic forest screens), and the door in tree.

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