Squirrels are one of the ancient and mysterious civilized races of the world.


They originate from Avalon (KQGS) where they rule a kingdom that extends even as far to the Enchanted Isles (KQGS). They speak their own chirrupy language, and their great ruins and shrines dot the surrounding islands (even as far as Kolyma (KQGS)). They even extend their empire and influence into Daventry as well. They are ruled currently by Queen Madeline.

Culture Edit

The Squirrels of Avalon are normally seen by others as simple unintelligent animals (pests and vermin even). They believe they muck up people's gardens, and carry diseases. However, this hides their true existence and allows them to blend in, and move around undisturbed in most cases (in particular when they plan to invade a nation).

Squirrels are a musical culture. They are known to play instruments (such as trumpets) and like to sing and dance. Even some of their shrines have musical elements connected to them. This musical passion extends to mysterious technology based around music used to guard mysterious magical artifacts such as the Golden Acorn.

They also seem to be a democratic culture, as there is evidence of a recent election and/or protests against wolves. Though kingdom is ruled by a benevolent monarchy: the leader is of royalty, first a princess, then a queen.

They also notably build traps to protect their kingdom from aggressive animals and invaders. They also appear to be hunters, as they use slabs of meat to bait their traps. There maybe some evidence that they are omnivorous enjoying pumpkins, as well as meat.

They are known to live in pumpkins as well.

While they normally speak in their own language, they also are known to write in English (KQGS) which they use on their signs.

Behind the scenesEdit

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