Stew is a thick hearty soup made of vegetables and often some type of meat.


Beef stew is often popular among humans, as is chicken stew. Vegetarians may prefer a vegetable stew or cabbage stew.

However, cannibals may prefer the stew made of human flesh, aka human stew. Troll's enjoy eating troll's stew.

Manannan enjoyed stew and often demanded his slave Gwydion "follow the instructions exactly, boy!". Telling the slave how many carrots, potatoes, and how much salt he preferred in his stew.[1]


  • The Ceramic Bowl becomes filled with Beef stew whenever the spell word FILL is spoken.
  • Hagatha made stew out of human flesh in her stewpot. The Three sisters of Tamir also enjoy human stew.
  • Gertrude was turned into chicken stew.
  • A steaming pot of stew bubbles over a small campfire near the gypsy wagon.
  • Chess pieces eat cabbage stew.
  • The trolls of Vulcanix enjoy eating troll's stew.
  • Tilly served stew to unfortunate individuals who visited her house, drugging them. She and her brothers sacrificed them to the Laburnum.


  1. KQC2E, pg 93

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