The Surface Region of the Realm of the Dead is a dark forboding place. The area outside the gates to the Realm itself is a terrifying place, filled with the unquiet souls of the dead--and the ghoulish shapes of the undead.[1] Ghouls and zombies wander the surface.[2]


The barren, surreal landscape is cold and gray. Twisted shapes loom on the horizon. The surface is haunted by the ghoulish shapes of the undead and by the chained tormented spirits of mortals unable rest in peace. Pyramids and pillars dot the surface, as well as strange twisted rock formations. As one gets closer to the entrance to the Underworld the paths become more oppressive and strangely organic. A path leads to an ominous-looking skull that looms in the distance.

The otherwise dark sky is faintly illuminated by a full moon. It is always nighttime in the realm, and the light of day never touches anything in the dreary place.

Those souls, who died with unresolved trauma in their human lives cannot enter the underworld but are consigned to wander endlessly on the surface of the Realm, chained there by their woes. They are prevented from entering the Sea of Souls. Sometimes, their life`s problems will be resolved in the real world without them - justice meted out, or loved ones taken care of - and they are freed from their bonds and gratefully go below. More often, however, things are never resolved in the real world and the bonded souls, over time, become part of the mindless dead, roam the surface eternally.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Surface Region comes from the KQ6 Hintbook by Lorelei Shannon.


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