A pleasant rustic home in the swamps. The swamp shacks were made up of two wooden buildings connected via catwalks. The roofs were made of straw. A family of humans lived in the shacks.

In the first shack to the right of the entrance door was a shelf with some Chainmail Gloves. Near the shelf was a poor man that had been turned to stone. Near him was a cast iron stove. On the left side of the room was a bed. Near the bed was a chest filled with gold. Near the chest was the man's wife who had also been turned to stone. Near her was a chest with some gold. A post was in the middle of the room to hold the roof up. Connor took the chainmail gloves at it was better than the Leather Gloves he had previously been using. He left the leather gloves on the shelf.

The second shack was made up of two rooms, first room had been barricaded with boards, so Conner broke into with his Double-edged Sword. He found the second room had also been barricaded, so he also broke into that room as well. The shack showed damage and was missing boards. He found an empty bookshelf in the first room, and a metal chest near it. In the second room he found a second metal chest. Both chests had gold in them. Near the chest was a table with a Hearing Horn. Connor took the horn so he could hear the Whispering Weeds.

Connor chose to take the family's gold from the three chests as he trusted that the poor family would understand his need for the gold.

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