The Sylph of Inner Beauty is the angel-like sylph by a pool of rejuvenation in Dimension of Death.


She let Conner partake the water of her rejuvenating well, to slake his thirst, but also tells him to beware the corrosive water of the River of Death. Connor asks her if she is well in the wretched place. She is not afraid, as her magic protects her. She then offers to concoct for him him a potent Protective Spell which can protect him as well. She tells him to get rust and mold. Later after Connor had found the rust and mold he gave her the ingredients and she cast the spell. Connor was grateful to the damsel, her kindness inspired him. She could aid him no further and wished him luck on his journey.

Rumors suggest that Connor had an amorous affair with the Sylph.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although looking similar she has no connection to the Winged Ones, and appears to be part of a race known as "Sylphs".

Syphs come from Christian mythology and are type of angel.

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