Sylvan faeries exist in three known species of faeries living in wood or forest regions. Though unclear, this includes the Woodland faeries[1], and likely includes the Sprites, and one other, probably the fairies of Kolyma (a pixielike race)[2].

Behind the scenesEdit

Alternatively, KoS also refers to two other 'faery'-like races that live in the Old Wood near Daventry. These include the Sprites and Fay. At least the sprites are also referred to as 'faeries' in KoS.

Sprites appear to come in two forms one that is about the size of Kolyma's 'fairies' or the Fairy Helpers, and another that look closer to tiny ice crystals. 

The woodland faeries appear to be divided among two different sizes; the King of the Woods, elkrider and handmaidens also appears about half-human size (like a small child). While the queen of the Wood appears to be human size, but very thin.

The book also refers to the 'fairies' (intentionally spelled with an i) who live in the forests of Kolyma.

Ice Faeries are another faery race mentioned in SNW, although it is unclear if they live in woods. Their name would suggest they live in ice. The ice crystal faeries, could be tiny species of sprite, but could also be the ice faeries.


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