The information from this article is from the fan game The Silver Lining or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Phoenix Online Studios had received a special fan license in November 2005 from Vivendi Universal (then owners of the Sierra brand and King's Quest IP), allowing them to make the game after being given a Cease and Desist by Vivendi that September. The game was however given a second Cease and Desist a year after Activision acquired Vivendi entertainment, in February 2010, but the team, through negotiations with Activision managed to secure a continuance of their fan license, which was announced on June 26th 2010.

On Feb. 28 2010, it is announced that Activision ordered the fan group to cease development of the game.[1] An online petition to save The Silver Lining was subsequently launched and can be found here.[2] On June 26 2010, it was announced that an agreement had been reached between Phoenix Online and Activision and that the first episode of TSL would be released on July 10 2010.

They were initially forced to remove the title King's Quest, and describe it as "The Silver Lining: A game inspired by the King's Quest series", but recent webpage updates simply call it The Silver Lining, but still say it is 'based on King's Quest"[1].

The game was originally going to be released as a trilogy under the title King's Quest IX or 'KQIX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining, each part were to have the titles; Part I: Shadows, Part II: The Two That Are One, Part III: Eternities. Each part was to be three chapters long. However, due to various reasons production stopped on parts II, III, and chapter three of part I. it was decided to release only the finished work under the title The Silver Lining: a game inspired by the King's Quest series.[3] The rest of the story may never be released. According to Cesar Bittar the game's producer: "Oh, and by the way, we still get to use "King's Quest" in our title. The full name is "The Silver Lining: A game inspired by the King's Quest Series".[2]

The game has gone through many names, it was formerly known as King's Quest IX, then shortened to KQIX: Every Cloak Has A Silver Lining, but was finally shortened to The Silver Lining: a game inspired by the King's Quest series[3][4][5][6][7] for its first release (due to fan licensing obligations put on them by Activision), but largely only in marketing, otherwise it only went by The Silver Lining. On Phoenix Online's currently updated website, it goes simply by The Silver Lining, but the website is clear that the game is 'based on the King's Quest' series, "...adventure game based on the classic King’s Quest series from Sierra".[8]

Early ScriptEdit









In King’s Quest® IX: “Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining”, the player assumes control of three characters: King Graham, King Alexander, and Princess Rosella. The game is divided into chapters. The player plays through Chapter I as King Graham, Chapter II as King Alexander, Chapter III as King Graham, and so on. In the final chapter, the player controls all three characters, who work cooperatively in the final battle. The chapters take place in various locations, namely, the following:

· The Land of the Green Isles · The World of Dreams · Daventry

The game’s plot is advanced by means of cut scenes between the chapters. STORY

King’s Quest® IX takes place several months after the events of King’s Quest® VII. The game probably takes place after King’s Quest® VIII, but, because “Mask of Eternity” is not a King’s Quest® game in the true sense, the game’s events will not be mentioned. The game begins as King Graham and Queen Valanice prepare to visit King Alexander, Queen Cassima, Prince Edgar, and Princess Rosella in the Land of the Green Isles to celebrate Alexander and Rosella’s 20th birthday. No sooner is the royal duo zapped away by Shamir Shamazel’s magic than the fabled Magic Mirror begins to shimmer. Shadrack, of whom veteran King’s Quest® players hear in “Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow,” appears in the Mirror. The malevolent wizard threateningly raises his arms to cast a spell, and the Mirror suddenly vanishes along with the Magic Shield and the Magic Chest. After the events of King’s Quest® VI, the traitorous Abdul Alhazred is tried and incarcerated. His diabolical plan shattered, he hatches another-seemingly foolproof-plot. Alhazred contacts his good friend Shadrack and advises him of the situation. Shadrack immediately agrees to assist. Shadrack plans to steal the Three Treasures and to use their combined power to cast a diabolical spell that will cause time to shift. The world will revert back to a time prior to King’s Quest® I, and the Treasures will be destroyed in the process. This, of course, means that Daventry will be nothing more than an insignificant hamlet in the middle of nowhere, that Graham will never inherit the throne, and that, most importantly, the Black Cloak Society-the clandestine association of evil wizards headed by Shadrack himself which has sought to eradicate King Graham and his progeny for years-will be free to wreak havoc on the world. Further, King’s Quest® IX’s plot finally reveals exactly why King Graham and his family have been victimized time and time again: Queen Valanice. Everyone in Daventry-even King Graham himself-thought that the queen had lived an unassuming childhood. The dashing Prince Cedric of Kolyma and his beautiful bride, Lady Cognice, a miller’s daughter, raised her. However, Cedric and Cognice are not Valanice’s biological parents. Mannanan-King Alexander’s former captor-is actually Valanice’s father. The exact circumstances of Valanice’s birth are not mentioned in the game. It is only revealed that Prince Cedric and Lady Cognice found out about Valanice’s situation, secretly stole her from Mannanan’s clutches, and raised her as their own daughter. The furious Mannanan contacted his sister Hagatha, who proceeded to “rescue” Valanice and imprison her in the crystal tower in Kolyma. She then killed Cedric and Cognice to prevent them from coming after either her or their adopted daughter. Mannanan was aware of the existence of a very significant-and threatening-prophecy, which, if fulfilled, would signal the end of the Black Cloak Society: “The two who are one will emerge triumphant over the Good Who Turned Evil, and Chaos will reign no more.” Using his powerful magic, Mannanan was able to see into the future and discover that, if they married, Graham and Valanice would have twins (“the two who are one”). Further, he knew of Shadrack’s turbulent past. Shadrack had originally been a kindly and helpful wizard who, like Graham, sought to rid the world of evil. He had even gone so far as to found the Silver Cloak Society, an association of magicians whose common mission was to curtail the spread of evil magic, embodied by the Silver Cloak Society’s malevolent counterpart, the Black Cloak Society. Once, Shadrack set out on a quest to confront and defeat the Black Cloak Society once and for all. Shadrack managed to find the Society’s headquarters and nearly defeated its leader. However, Shadrack was a relatively inexperienced magician. As he raised his arms to defeat the nefarious sorcerer, Shadrack’s spell backfired. It was so powerful that Shadrack not only killed his adversary, but also turned himself into a cold-hearted, hateful spellcaster. Thus, Shadrack assumed leadership of the Black Cloak Society and thrust his own Silver Cloak Society into total disarray. Therefore, Shadrack is “the good who turned evil.” The ultimate goal of King’s Quest® IX is therefore twofold. The player must not only recover the Treasures and defeat Shadrack, but also restore the Silver Cloak Society to its former splendor. In doing so, Graham and his family may ensure that, once and for all, they will never be victimized by foul magic again. THE GAME INTERFACE

King’s Quest® IX’s interface is reminiscent of Quest for Glory® V’s. Four icons surround the play screen, one in each corner. The icons are:

· OPTIONS (Upper left-the King’s Quest® logo): Game options, saving and restoring, score, etc. · ARROW (Upper right-see below) · INVENTORY (Lower left-a bag): The character’s inventory items can be accessed and selected here. · ITEM (Lower right): The currently selected inventory item is displayed here. Clicking its icon allows the player to use that object in the game.

When the ARROW icon is selected, the cursor highlights when it passes over an object with which the player may interact. When the player clicks on such an object, a menu of available options, such as LOOK AT, TAKE, and OPEN, appears.


(Fade to black. Small particles of ash swirl to the center of the screen and take the shape of a majestic bird with outstretched wings. The phoenix suddenly ignites. “PHOENIX” appears below the bird. The phoenix cries and flies offscreen. The scene changes to a blue sky with puffy white clouds, and the camera zooms in on an eagle flying through the air. The eagle cries happily as he glides down to a tree in front of Castle Daventry and perches on a branch. The eagle turns its head and gazes into a tower window. The camera zooms in on the window.)

(Cut to ROYAL BEDROOM, CASTLE DAVENTRY. The room is well furnished, but not to “royal-looking.” A large, canopied bed lies in the center of the room, and an open wardrobe is in a corner. VALANICE stands to one side of the bed, hurriedly packing folded clothes into a large trunk at her feet. She finishes packing the trunk and starts to close it, then looks up with a start.)

VALANICE: Graham, dear?

GRAHAM (calling from offscreen): Yes, Valanice?

VALANICE: Have you seen your hat? You’ve never gone anywhere without it, and I don’t know where it is.

(GRAHAM enters the room, grinning. He is dressed in his characteristic outfit: red shirt, sky-blue pants, black boots, and adventurer’s cap.)

VALANICE: There it is! You had me worried! Now, we don’t want to be late; Alexander, Cassima, Edgar and Rosella are expecting us.

(VALANICE picks up the trunk and exits the room. Her husband follows. Cut to THRONE ROOM, CASTLE DAVENTRY. GRAHAM and VALANICE stand in front of the Magic Mirror. The trunk lies on the floor next to them. A poof of smoke. SHAMIR appears and bows.)

SHAMIR: Good day, Your Majesties!

GRAHAM: Good day to you, Shamir. How fare you?

SHAMIR: Quite well, I must say. Your son and his wife have helped to restore the Land of the Green Isles to its former glory. Alhazred’s reign of terror has been all but forgotten. The people love them both, and the citizens rejoice as Alexander and his sister celebrate their twentieth birthday today. We should be underway. Please stand next to me.

(GRAHAM and VALANICE move onto the carpet in front of the thrones. SHAMIR raises his hands, clears his throat, and speaks.)

SHAMIR: Bibbity bobbity boo!

(Nothing happens at first. SHAMIR cowers sheepishly, and the king and queen look at each other, shrugging their shoulders. A faint whistling sound. The sound grows louder and louder, and the three of them look up. Suddenly, a gigantic pumpkin crashes through the roof and lands on the floor in front of them. All gasp, and the king and queen look at SHAMIR.)

SHAMIR: Er . . . I must have cast the wrong spell. I’m still trying to get the hang of using my magic for good instead of evil, so I sometimes get the incantations mixed up. I think I learned that little gem from a fairy friend of mine years ago. Had something to do with magic coaches, I believe. Now, what’s the right one?

(The Magic Mirror shimmers slightly. GRAHAM looks over his shoulder, but as he does, the Mirror stops shimmering. As SHAMIR keeps thinking about the right spell, GRAHAM motions to VALANICE, and she walks over.)

GRAHAM: Did you . . . I thought I saw the Mirror . . .

(VALANICE looks over her shoulder. The Mirror looks normal.)

VALANICE: I’m sure you were just imagining things, dear. You’re probably just so excited about seeing Alexander and Rosella again.

GRAHAM: I suppose so.

(GRAHAM shrugs his shoulders. SHAMIR grins and snaps his fingers.)

SHAMIR: Oh, now I remember! Gigglety gogglety goo!

(The pumpkin rises off the floor and through the hole in the throne room’s roof. The hole disappears and, as it does, so do GRAHAM, VALANICE, SHAMIR, and the trunk. The camera pans to the Magic Mirror, and its face begins to swirl again. SHADRACK, an aged, black-cloaked man, can be seen in the Mirror, raising his arms as he prepares to cast a spell. As he does so, the Mirror disappears. Cut to TREASURE ROOM, CASTLE DAVENTRY. The Magic Shield and Magic Chest also vanish. Cut to CLOSE-UP, SHADRACK. SHADRACK laughs maliciously as the Treasures appear around him. Cut to EXTERIOR, CASTLE DAVENTRY. The eagle, still perched on the branch of the tree, cries and flies off. “KING’S QUEST® IX” appears in the sky. A gust of wind blows the Adventurer’s Cap onscreen. The feather falls out, shimmers, and writes “Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining” below the title. The title and subtitle glow, and the traditional fanfare (from King’s Quest® V, VI, and VII) plays triumphantly. Another gust of wind blows the cap and feather offscreen.)

(Cut to THE CASTLE OF THE CROWN, EXTERIOR, DAWN. Birds twitter in the trees outside the castle. Cut to ROYAL BEDROOM, THE CASTLE OF THE CROWN. ALEXANDER tosses and turns in bed next to the soundly sleeping CASSIMA. Cut to CLOSE-UP, SHADRACK. SHADRACK laughs maniacally, rubbing his hands together. Cut to BEDROOM. ALEXANDER sits up in bed and screams.)


(Cut to an adjoining BEDROOM, where EDGAR and ROSELLA lie asleep. ROSELLA tosses fitfully. Cut to CLOSE-UP, SHADRACK, then to CLOSE-UP, ROSELLA. ROSELLA screams.)


(Cut to CASTLE OF THE CROWN, EXTERIOR. We hear ALEXANDER and ROSELLA scream in unison. Cut to SHADRACK’S LABORATORY. The camera pans to SHADRACK’s face. Fade to black, except for SHADRACK’s menacing green eyes. Fade to total black and credits. END INTRODUCTION.) CHAPTER ONE: “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!”

Graham’s initial goals in the game are to rescue his children from Shadrack

’s clutches and to find further direction in his quest. Unbeknownst to Graham at first, Shadrack imprisons Alexander and Rosella in order to try to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

The chapter’s events unfold in the Land of the Green Isles, and each of the

five islands plays a role in the gameplay.

Because of the twins’ vital role in the prophecy, the very fabric of time

is disrupted by their imprisonment. As a result, time begins to shift backward. Thus, the game world is inhabited by many characters not seen in King’s Quest® VI. However, when Graham rescues his children, the correct flow of time will be restored.

The chapter begins when Graham, Valanice, and Shamir appear in the throne

room of the Castle of the Crown. Cassima and Edgar stand alone in the room, puzzled and distraught. Since he is a genie, Shamir, through his magical abilities, is able to discern what happened. Armed with this first bit of information, Graham sets out on his quest.

The main goals of Chapter One are the following:

· To find a way to travel between the islands (the ferry). · Graham must show the ferryman who he is so he has reason to trust him. Graham shows him a Daventrian coin. · To investigate the situation on some of the islands, namely the Isle of the Crown, the Isle of Wonder, and the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. Graham may travel between the islands at will, but the chapter’s major puzzles involve these three islands. · To investigate a sale in the bookshop on the Isle of the Crown. Because of King Alexander’s birthday, shopkeepers are holding sales. The bookshop’s sale is on party-planning books. Graham doesn’t buy one, but he does look at a book on papier-mâché. · The owner of the bookshop tells Graham that an unknown robber (who turns out to be Shadrack) recently stole all his riddle books. Shadrack did this in order to try to prevent Graham from climbing the Cliffs of Logic, knowing that he could not progress in his quest without scaling them. · To climb the Cliffs of Logic. Scattered around the kingdom, Graham finds small scraps of paper with words and phrases written on them. Each of these pieces of paper came from one of the stolen riddle books and bears the answer to a Cliff riddle. Shadrack enchanted each of these pieces of paper so that it disintegrates a few seconds after being read, meaning that the player must make a note of each piece’s contents. (Because of the time shift caused by the twins’ disappearance, the Cliffs are inscribed with different riddles than in King’s Quest® VI. The riddles are similar to Gollum’s riddles in The Hobbit; we will come up with the riddles in a fan contest to generate publicity.) Graham buys a blank book using one of several Daventrian coins he is carrying. Because they are pure silver and gold, all people recognize their value. · Once Graham climbs the Cliffs, the Winged Ones guards understandably become very suspicious and take him to see Lord Onyx, father of five-year-old Prince Azure. Graham pleads with Onyx, saying that he only wants to have an audience with the Great Oracle to find further direction in his endeavor. Onyx finally agrees, provided that Graham help him first. The mischievously curious Prince Azure ate some of the poisonous nightshade berries growing on the small bush beside the entrance to the Catacombs. Azure may be saved by means of an antidote, which Graham is ordered to make if he intends to prove his genuineness. · The antidote consists of salt, a drop of a pure man’s blood, and aloe leaves. Onyx tells Graham that aloe does not grow anywhere in the kingdom, so he will have to find a way to get some. · Graham goes to the pawnshop, where he gives the owner one of his coins in exchange for a chipped black mug and saucer previously owned by a wizard. The wizard had enchanted the mug to prevent his beverages from getting cold, like a thermos. · Graham goes to the Isle of the Forest (note the name change from “The Isle of the Beast” due to the time shift) and picks a rose from a hedge. He pricks his finger using a thorn from the rose and catches a few drops of blood in the mug. · Graham fills the mug to the brim with ocean water and places the saucer on top. He then places the filled mug in the direct sunlight of the beach. The enchanted mug hastens the evaporation of the water, leaving behind salt. · Graham returns to the Isle of the Crown and visits the miller and his daughter, who live where Beauty and her stepmother and stepsisters live in King’s Quest® VI. Rumpelstiltskin, still steaming after being cheated out of keeping the miller’s grandson, has ordered the duo to pay him for all his useless work. But because they are very poor, the miller and his daughter have barely been able to make ends meet. · Graham shows them a gold coin and tells them about the Magic Chest, assuring them that they can have all the money they need if he recovers the treasures. In return for Graham’s kindness, the miller gives him several enchanted seeds, which he had meant to use to augment his crop. The seeds may be made to grow into any plant the gardener wishes. · Graham goes to the garden on the Isle of Wonder, plants the seeds, and picks the aloe. He also finds pea plants and gets a pea, which he will use in Chapter Two. · Graham gives Prince Azure the antidote, and he quickly recovers. Graham is finally allowed to see the Great Oracle. The Oracle tells him about Shadrack, the parallel Societies, the prophecy, and his children. She also hints at Valanice’s role, but doesn’t say anything definite. She further assures Graham that the Druids will be able to save his children using their powerful magic. However, she warns him, the Druids have been total recluses ever since their precious Acorn of Life was stolen. The Acorn of Life, once planted, will grow into the fabled Sacred Oak. Shadrack, the Oracle reveals, stole the Acorn of Life and tricked the Red Queen into keeping it for him. · The Oracle gives Graham a magic key. The key allows him to enter Chessboard Land, which has been closed to outside visitors because of a croquet match the Red Queen is hosting. · Graham goes back to the Isle of Wonder and enters Chessboard Land, interru pting the croquet match. The Queen immediately orders her soldiers to decapitate Graham on the spot (“Off with his head!”). Graham convinces the Queen to spare his life if he finds somebody else to be her victim. · Graham must create a papier-mâché mannequin. He goes back to the pawnshop and buys an old dressmaker’s dummy. · Graham goes to the Isle of Wonder and collects some Swamp Slime in the now-empty mug. · He rips the blank book’s pages from their binding, coats them with the Swamp Slime, and molds them onto the dressmaker’s dummy. · A traveling painter has set up his easel on the main street on the Isle of the Crown (where the lamp seller is in King’s Quest® VI). Graham pays the painter to paint the mannequin to look like him. · Graham goes back to the Isle of Wonder, and the Red Queen gleefully beheads the mannequin. Graham tells her that he needs the Acorn of Life. The Queen is so happy that she is more than willing to oblige. · Graham takes the Acorn to the Druids on the Isle of the Mists. (If Graham goes to the Isle of the Mists before he has the acorn, the Druids kill him.) The Arch Druid is finally able to break the spell Shadrack cast on Alexander and Rosella. The Arch Druid zaps him back to the Castle of the Crown, ending Chapter One and triggering an inter-chapter cutscene.


(The couple appears in the THRONE ROOM, CASTLE OF THE CROWN)

GRAHAM: Hello, Al- . . . Where are they? Edgar? Cassima? What happened to Alexander and Rosella?

CASSIMA: I don’t know! He won't wake up! When I woke this morning I saw that he just... lies there. Nothing I can do will so much as cause him to stir!

EDGAR: Rosella, too! It's as if she's just asleep, but nothing I do will make her wake up!

VALANICE: Oh, my children! And on their birthday! What in the world could have happened to them? (She sobs.)

(GRAHAM walks to his wife and tries to console her.)

CASSIMA (to GRAHAM): I tried to contact you once I found Alexander wouldn't wake up, but your Magic Mirror . . .


SHAMIR: The Mirror has been stolen, Your Majesty.

ALL: Stolen?

SHAMIR: Yes, along with the Magic Shield and the Magic Chest.

VALANICE: But... But the Mirror was hanging on the wall in the throne room as we left. I’m sure of it.

SHAMIR: Then they must have been stolen only seconds ago.

GRAHAM: But how do you know that they were stolen, Shamir? And, even if they have been stolen, the theft must have some connection with Alexander and Rosella’s disappearance.

SHAMIR: I had a feeling something was going to happen a few minutes ago. (He hangs his head.) I think that’s why I accidentally made that pumpkin appear in your throne room; I was just preoccupied.

CASSIMA and EDGAR: Pumpkin?

GRAHAM: That doesn’t matter. Go on, Shamir.

SHAMIR: It was Shadrack, Your Majesty.

ALL: Shadrack?

SHAMIR: Yes, I’m afraid so, Your Majesty. My former master’s accomplice is behind this. He’s the one who stole the Treasures, and he’s the one who stole your children.

EDGAR: But what can we do?

SHAMIR: Someone in the kingdom is bound to know something, Your Highness. I ’m sure we can find out what Shadrack is up to.

GRAHAM: Then I suppose my adventuring days haven’t ended after all. I have to do something.

VALANICE: Graham, no!

GRAHAM: I must, my dear wife. (GRAHAM bravely pats his cap. A guard dog comes forward and escorts him out of the throne room. The scene changes to THE CASTLE OF THE CROWN, EXTERIOR. The game is now under player control.)


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: King Graham is standing in front of the majestic Castle of the Crown, the new home of his son Alexander and daughter-in-law Cassima. A guard dog flanks either side of the castle entrance. Guard dogs also block the path leading around the side of the castle; Captain Saladin must have posted additional guards after Alexander's strange predicament was discovered.

(Conversation with the GUARD DOGS at the castle entrance)

GRAHAM: Good day. Can either of you tell me anything about Shadrack?

GUARD DOG 1: All I know is that he’s probably up to no good. Shadrack’s apparently a good friend of Vizier Alhazred, so chances are that Alhazred had something to do with this, too.

GUARD DOG 2: What I don’t understand is how Alhazred and Shadrack were able to communicate. Alhazred was convicted of treason a month ago for killing Queen Cassima’s parents, who-thank goodness-are no longer dead thanks to your son. He was sentenced to life in prison and should have had no way to communicate with the outside world from his cell.

GRAHAM: Interesting. Do you have any idea where I can find more information about him?

GUARD DOG 1: You might want to talk to people in the village. The bookshop owner is a very learned man, so he may know something about Shadrack, Alhazred, or your children. The pawnshop owner next door might prove to be helpful, too.

GUARD DOG 2: And don’t forget the ferryman. You’re sure to find more information on the other islands.

GUARD DOG 1: But I wouldn’t go to the Isle of the Mists if I were you, Your Majesty. I heard that someone stole something else from the Druids and that they’ve become even more suspicious of outsiders than usual since the theft. As to what’s been swiped, I haven’t a clue, but I have a feeling I know who did it.

GUARD DOG 2: I’m afraid we can’t tell you anything else, King Graham. As it is, we’re really not supposed to speak to anyone this much while we’re on duty. Good luck, Your Majesty.

GRAHAM: Thank you, guards. You’ve been quite helpful. Good day again.

(Conversation with the guard dog blocking the path)

GRAHAM: Good day.

TEXT BOX: The motionless guard dog continues to block the path leading around to the side of the castle and refuses to answer Graham. He must be under orders not to talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary. Graham has a feeling that the guard dog won’t move out of the way, so he decides to try looking for information somewhere other than the castle grounds.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Graham is standing under the shade of a great oak tree. The dirt road beneath his feet splits here. To the left, Graham can see a few quaint shops lining a sunny street. To the right, the great towers of the Castle of the Crown rise imposingly into the bright blue sky. Graham can hear the faint sound of crying seagulls coming from the south.

PLAYER LOOKS AT TREE: An oak tree’s thick, gnarled branches stretch out over the crossroads, helping to provide some much-needed protection from the scorching tropical sun.

PLAYER TRIES TO CLIMB TREE: Graham won’t find any golden eggs in this tree. Try eight episodes back. He won’t find anything else in the tree’s branches, for that matter.

PLAYER EXAMINES KNOTHOLE: Graham reaches a hand into the hole, but finds nothing of interest.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Graham is standing on a picturesque white sand beach. In front of him, the serene turquoise ocean stretches endlessly into the distance. A dirt path leads into rolling emerald hills further inland.

PLAYER TRIES TO TASTE OCEAN WATER: Recalling the enchanted weeping willow he met during his last adventure, Graham wisely decides not to drink the ocean’ s salty water.

PLAYER TRIES TO WALK INTO OCEAN: Graham wades into the warm ocean . . . but the sand he’s standing on suddenly vanishes from beneath his feet! The unrelentingly strong current drags him out to sea, where he proves to be no match for the merciless undertow. (GRAHAM struggles and is pulled under. Show death screen.)

PLAYER CLICKS MUG ON OCEAN: Graham fills the wizard’s mug to the brim with ocean water.

PLAYER USES SAUCER ON MUG: Graham places the saucer on top of the mug.

GRAHAM PLACES FILLED MUG ON SHORE: Graham finds a particularly sunny spot on the beach and places the mug on the pearl-white sand. The mug glows red-hot, then rapidly regains its original jet-black hue. (GRAHAM picks up the mug.) Graham removes the saucer, and, to his surprise, discovers that the water has evaporated. Pure white salt crystals now line the bottom of the mug.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Quaint shops line the village’s main street. Palm trees sway in the sea breeze. Graham notices the same little bookstore and pawnshop his son mentioned when he told him of his quest to save the beautiful Cassima. Across the street from the shops, Graham can see a young man dressed in colorful but ragged clothing sitting on a stool in front of an easel.

PAINTER (PERIODICALLY): Portraits! Portraits for one gold!

(Conversation with PAINTER before making mannequin)

GRAHAM: Hello, good fellow.

PAINTER: Oh, hello, sir! Would you be so kind as to but consider allowing a struggling artist to paint your portrait? It costs but one gold coin.

GRAHAM: I’m afraid I don’t have time right now. Perhaps later.

PAINTER: Oh, please, sir! I would be indebted to you! I have eight children, sir, and they and my dear wife rely upon my profits for their sustenance and livelihood. (He gets off the stool and kneels on the ground in front of GRAHAM.) Oh, please, sir!

GRAHAM: I don’t think I really want my portrait painted now. I might have time later, but definitely not now. Do you know anything about Shad-...

PAINTER: Oh, please reconsider, sir! Please!

TEXT BOX: Graham has a feeling that the painter won’t be willing or able to tell him anything about Shadrack. All he seems to be interested in is making his potential customers feel sorry for him. Graham can’t see a real reason for getting a portrait painted right now. Perhaps he’ll find a use for the painter’s services later in his quest, but he definitely has better things to do with his time right now.

GRAHAM TRIES TO GIVE GOLD COIN TO PAINTER BEFORE MAKING MANNEQUIN: Graham can’t see a reason for getting a portrait painted now, so he decides not to waste his money... yet.

GRAHAM GIVES GOLD COIN TO PAINTER AFTER MAKING MANNEQUIN: GRAHAM: I would like you to paint a portrait for me, sir. PAINTER: Oh, thank you, sir! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank . . . (He clears his throat.) PAINTER: Excuse me. Who would you like me to paint, sir? (GRAHAM hands him the mannequin.) GRAHAM: Could you please paint this to look like yourself? PAINTER: Myself? With pleasure, sir! Anything to help you remember how happy your business has made me. Whenever you look at this, I should hope that you remember the poor village painter who struggles every day to make ends meet, who . . . (He clears his throat again, takes a small mirror from his pocket, looks at his reflection, then paints the mannequin so that it looks exactly like him.) GRAHAM: Thank you. PAINTER: No. Thank you! (GRAHAM sighs.)

PLAYER LOOKS AT BOOKSHOP: Ali’s shop caters to the needs of any passerby interested in a good book. Looking in the window, Graham sees that the rafters have been festooned with colorful streamers and banners.

PLAYER LOOKS AT PAWNSHOP: A wooden sign above the door reads “Pawn Shoppe.” Through the shop’s window, Graham can see shelves lined with antiques and knickknacks.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Graham looks around the cozy interior of the bookshop with interest. Books of every size line the shelves. A fire crackles in the hearth, and a red chair sits on an oval rug in front of it. Looking up, Graham notices vibrantly-colored streamers and banners hanging from the rafters. The banners read “SALE TODAY!” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KING ALEXANDER!” A small table lies next to the door. A young man with jet-black hair and glasses examines the shop’s wares.

PLAYER LOOKS AT STREAMERS: Red, green, blue, and yellow streamers hang from the rafters.

PLAYER LOOKS AT BANNERS: The banners announce a sale in honor of King Alexander’s birthday.

PLAYER LOOKS AT SMALL TABLE: Small books lay on the table by the door. A sign reads, “SPECIAL: BLANK BOOKS-1 GOLD.”

PLAYER PICKS UP BLANK BOOK: Graham should pay for a book at the shop’s counter, not just steal one.

PLAYER LOOKS AT CHAIR: A luxuriously-upholstered red chair sits next to the fireplace. On a nearby table, Graham notices a large book.

PLAYER LOOKS AT BOOK: (GRAHAM sits in the chair.) Graham rests his feet for a few minutes. As he does so, he picks up a book entitled Parties Fit For a King. (GRAHAM opens the book and begins to read it.) Nothing particularly interests him except for a chapter on papier-mâché decorations. (NEW TEXT BOX) The chapter explains how to create lifelike sculptures by molding paper onto a suitable frame. Then, the book says, the sculptures are usually painted vivid colors. (GRAHAM speaks): Interesting . . . If only I had known about this when Alexander and Rosella were younger. They might have liked sculptures like that. (GRAHAM closes the book, puts it back on the table, and stands.)

PLAYER LOOKS AT BOOKSHELVES: Books of every size and shape line the store shelves, but Graham doesn’t think he’d be interested in buying one of them. Graham notices that a corner shelf is strangely devoid of books.

PLAYER LOOKS AT OTHER CUSTOMER: The shop’s sole other customer looks to be about ten years old. He has disheveled black hair, green eyes, and glasses. Graham notices an oddly-shaped scar on the boy’s forehead.

PLAYER GIVES SILVER COIN TO ALI: GRAHAM: I would like to buy a blank book, sir. This isn’t a coin of this land, but it’s gold nonetheless. (ALI walks to the table and picks one up.) ALI: Here you are. Thank you for your business. GRAHAM: You are most welcome, Ali.

PLAYER RIPS PAGES FROM BOOK’S BINDING: Graham rips the pages from the book’s binding. He discards the now-useless leather cover.

(Conversation with CUSTOMER)

GRAHAM: Excuse me, young man, but have you heard of Shadrack?

CUSTOMER: I don’t think so. Is he related to Vol- . . . (ALI gasps.) I mean, You-Know-Who?

GRAHAM: I suppose not; I don’t know who this . . . You-Know-Who is. Thank you anyway.

(Conversation with ALI)

GRAHAM: Good day, sir.

ALI: I wish I could say the same in reply, sir. I’m sure you have heard of the tragedy unfolding at the castle, and I just heard about your treasures being stolen. Quite plainly, I am in shock, as is the rest of the kingdom. I would not exactly call today “good.” Besides, I was robbed yesterday. (He sighs.)

GRAHAM: I am in shock as well, Ali. You see, I’m King Alexander’s father.

ALI: It is indeed a pleasure, Your Majesty. I heard that you and your wife would be visiting our fair land to join in the king’s birthday celebration. But, alas, we do not have much reason to celebrate now.

GRAHAM: That’s why I wanted to speak with you, Ali. I’m not about to stand aside and do nothing to save my children, but I need more information. Shamir told me that Shadrack is behind this. Do you know anything about him?

ALI: Not much, I’m afraid. I only know that he and the vizier had been plotting together to take over the kingdom. But thanks to your son and our beloved new monarch, we are-or perhaps, were, until today-safe once again.

GRAHAM: But do you have any idea why he would have kidnapped my children or stolen Daventry’s Three Treasures?

ALI: No, but I have no doubt that the disappearance of your children and the theft of your Treasures are somehow connected. I also have a feeling that it was no coincidence that I was robbed this morning. Shadrack’s undoubtedly behind that, too.

GRAHAM: What was stolen?

ALI: Every one of my riddle books. That’s why that shelf over there is nearly empty. (He motions toward the shelf and sighs.)

GRAHAM: Your riddle books? Hmm . . . If I should find any trace of your missing wars, I’ll be sure to let you know.

ALI: Thank you, King Graham, and good luck to you. The kingdom has put its faith in your renowned adventuring abilities.

GRAHAM: They haven’t failed me yet, Ali, and I don’t expect them to fail me this time, either.

ALI: I should hope that they do not, Your Majesty. Farewell.

(Conversation with ALI after finding riddle book scraps)

GRAHAM: Hello again, Ali. I’m afraid I think I know what happened to your riddle books.

ALI: Was it Shadrack, as I had feared?

GRAHAM: I believe so. I’ve found scraps of paper around the kingdom with words and phrases written on them that look like answers to riddles. The scraps must have been enchanted; whenever I pick one up, it vanishes into thin air.

ALI: Ah, yes, that certainly sounds like something Shadrack would do. I suppose I will have to replace them. It’s quite a pity, you know; most of those books were one-of-a-kind volumes.

GRAHAM: But why would Shadrack steal your books?

ALI: That’s quite a long story, Your Majesty. (He sighs.) You see, the ferryman came to see me early this morning, just after I heard that your children had vanished from the castle. He said that he was steering the ferry near the Isle of the Sacred Mountain just after dawn, when there was a bright flash of light, and he saw the face of the Cliffs of Logic . . . change.

GRAHAM: Change? How?

ALI: (He sighs again.) Years ago, the inhabitants of the Isle of the Sacred Mountain, the Winged Ones, suffered a terrible loss. Robbers ransacked their magnificent cliff-top city and nearly burned it to the ground. Luckily, the Winged Ones were able to rebuild their metropolis and restore it to its former glory, but they wanted to make sure that no uninvited guests would threaten them again. The Winged Ones discovered that the robbers had managed to solve the Cliff riddles, so they replaced the old puzzles with new ones based on their language and folklore, thinking the old ones had somehow been too easy.

GRAHAM: But I still don’t see what that has to do with your riddle books being stolen.

ALI: You see, some of my riddle books had the old Cliff riddles written in them. I think Shadrack is trying to keep you from climbing the Cliffs; he must think the Winged Ones will be able to help you rescue your children.

GRAHAM: Wait . . . The old Cliff riddles?

ALI: As strange as this must seem, Your Majesty, I think . . . time has shifted. The ferryman must have seen the new riddles being . . . replaced with the older ones.

GRAHAM: Time shifted? Why would this have happened?

ALI: I can’t say precisely, but it’s logical to assume that this has something to do with your children. I would suggest that you seek an audience with the Great Oracle on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. She may be able to shed some light on this perplexing situation. However, I have a feeling that when your children are safe once more, the flow of time may return to normal. Until then, you may well find that the kingdom is inhabited by figures from our land’s past. I have not seen for myself, because I have not left my shop since I arrived before daybreak.

GRAHAM: Thank you for all your help, Ali. I will indeed seek out the Great Oracle.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Graham is standing in the pawnshop on the Isle of the Crown. A myriad of antiques and other interesting wares line the shelves. The owner stands behind the counter, an expression of worry clearly visible on his weathered face. Still, he manages a kindly smile as Graham looks around the shop.





PLAYER LOOKS AT SHELVES FIFTH TIME: An oasis detector, certainly a must for all who venture into the desert. GRAHAM: Now you tell me!

PLAYER LOOKS AT STUFFED ANTWERP (IN PLACE OF KING’S QUEST® VI’S STUFFED BEAR): A replica of a large, rather goofy-looking animal dominates a corner of the shop. Graham gazes at the creature’s round blue body with a mixture of disgust and wonderment, and he finds himself giggling in spite of himself. GRAHAM: What in the blazes is that thing?

PLAYER LOOKS AT MUG AND SAUCER ON COUNTER: Graham notices an old, chipped black mug and saucer set lying on the shop’s front counter.

PLAYER PICKS UP MUG AND SAUCER: PAWNSHOP OWNER: So, I see you are interested in that old mug and saucer. Rumor has it they once belonged to a wizard, who enchanted them. I don’t know that much about who the wizard was, though; all I know is, they have been gathering dust here on the front counter for far too long and it is high time I sold them. I can let you have the set for one silver coin. I am also selling that old dressmaker’s dummy over there in the corner for one gold. I got it from the tailor in Serenia; seems he didn’t need it for some reason. (He points to the dummy next to him.) It seems nobody wants it; I suppose dummies like that aren’t hot items.

PLAYER GIVES SILVER COIN TO PAWNSHOP OWNER: GRAHAM: Sir, I would like to buy that mug and saucer. (The PAWNSHOP OWNER picks them up and hands them to GRAHAM.) Very well. A word about the mug: it is enchanted. Rumor has it that any liquid poured into it will never get cold. Placing the mug in direct sunlight with the saucer on top can supposedly heighten the effects of the enchantment. However, there is some kind of loophole in the enchantment spell. It only works outdoors. If you want to try it out, it would probably work best on the beach. GRAHAM: Thank you. I’ll remember that.

PLAYER GIVES GOLD COIN TO PAWNSHOP OWNER: GRAHAM: I’m interested in buying that dummy in the corner. PAWNSHOP OWNER: Ah, very good. If I may say so, I find myself wondering why a man such as you would want to buy a dressmaker ’s dummy, but the customer is always right. Enjoy it, and thank you for your business. GRAHAM: You’re welcome.

(Conversation with PAWNSHOP OWNER)

GRAHAM: Hello, my good merchant.

PAWNSHOP OWNER: You must be King Alexander’s father. It is a pleasure to meet you at last, although I wish you and I could have met under different circumstances. I still can’t believe what just happened at the castle.

GRAHAM: I am, indeed. I’m searching for information about the wizard Shadrack, the one who’s apparently behind all of this. Can you tell me anything?

PAWNSHOP OWNER: I’m afraid I can’t tell you much, Your Majesty. I only know what nearly everyone else in the kingdom knows. Shadrack and Vizier Alhazred had apparently formed some kind of alliance, and they were working together to try to overthrow the rightful monarchy. Alhazred is now spending the rest of his life in prison. In fact, your son himself handed down the sentence. If you haven’t done so already, you would probably find Ali, the bookshop owner, to be of more help than I. I do think, however, that it might be in your best interest to try to travel to the other islands and find more information there. I would stay away from the Isle of the Mists if I were you, Your Majesty. Rumor has it that another one of their precious artifacts has been stolen. Unless someone finds out what has been stolen and recovers it, I can safely say that the Druids will be even more hostile than usual toward strangers.

GRAHAM: Thank you, sir, for that valuable advice. May we meet again in better times.

PAWNSHOP OWNER: May we indeed. Farewell, King Graham.


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: Graham is standing in front of a little stucco house. He can clearly see that the residence has fallen into disrepair; climbing vines cling to nearly every surface of the building’s exterior. Graham can also see a small windmill next to the house. Its blades squeak slightly as they rotate, providing a pleasant accompaniment to the sounds of crying gulls overhead. A stooped old man trudges between the house and the mill, carrying heavy sacks of flour. A young, red-haired woman, whom Graham guesses might be the man’s daughter, holds a sleeping infant in her arms as she waits next to a free-standing oven near the windmill.

(Conversation with MILLER)

GRAHAM: Hello there, sir. It looks as if you could use some help with those sacks.

MILLER: Thank you for your kind offer, but I think I can handle it.

DAUGHTER: No, Father. Let him help. You’ve been working so hard lately; you deserve some rest.

MILLER: It’s all right, dear. I just have to finish with this batch of dough and I’ll be through for the day. (He sighs.) But then it’s back to work tomorrow. I wish there were some way we could avoid working this hard all the time, day in and day out, but the Fates have dictated otherwise, I’m afraid.

GRAHAM: I don’t understand. Why do you have to work this much? (The miller ’s DAUGHTER begins to cry.)

MILLER: There, there, dear . . . (He sighs heavily.) You see, kind sir, a few years ago, my lovely daughter Cognice (He motions toward his DAUGHTER.) still had not found a husband. I knew she needed to find a man with whom to settle down, and I was very worried about her and her future.

DAUGHTER: (wailing) Oh!

GRAHAM: (thinking) Cognice?! She raised Valanice when she was a child!

MILLER: (He sighs again.) One day, a proclamation was issued in our native land. Our dashing prince was searching for a wife. But, being somewhat snobbish, he would only settle for the best. So, the prince decreed that each of his potential brides had to demonstrate some unique talent. The woman with the best talent of all would receive the prince's hand in marriage.

DAUGHTER: (wailing) Oh!

MILLER: Naturally, I wanted to do everything I could to give my lovely Cognice a chance at marrying the prince. But she didn't seem to have any talent I thought he would particularly appreciate. So, I . . . (He trails off.)

DAUGHTER: (wailing) OH!

MILLER: I . . . I said she could . . .

DAUGHTER: (quavering) S-s-sp-spin s-st-straw into g-g-gold. (She cries again.)

MILLER: (He tries to comfort his DAUGHTER, then turns to GRAHAM.) That was the worst mistake I ever could have made. The prince was naturally impressed with my claim, but he of course wanted to see Cognice work her “magic” for himself. So, the next day, the prince sent for her. When she arrived at the castle, the prince locked her in a tower room filled almost to the ceiling with straw. The prince ordered a local seamstress to loan him her spinning wheel, and it was placed in the room along with the straw.

DAUGHTER: (recovering, but still shaken) I . . . I didn't know what to do. I just sat there on the cold stone floor and started to cry. Evidently, someone heard my weeping, because a little gnome suddenly appeared in the room. He said he would spin the straw into gold for me, on the condition that I guess his name within three days' time, and, if I failed, he would take my first-born son. I accepted his offer, not realizing what lay ahead for me. As he worked, I tried every single name I could think of. None of them was right.

MILLER: (He sighs.) The next morning, the prince arrived to find the entire room full of gold coins. I suppose that should have been enough to convince him of Cognice's suitability as a wife, but the prince was very greedy. Still unsatisfied, he ordered Cognice to spend another night in the castle tower spinning straw into gold for him. That evening, the little gnome arrived just as he had the night before, and started to spin. Again, Cognice tried every name that came to her mind, but, as before, none of her guesses was correct.

DAUGHTER: When he arrived at dawn, the prince was truly impressed with the gnome's work, so much so that he invited me to stay with him in the castle that day. However, he still wasn't completely convinced, and ordered me to spend that night spinning for him one final time. I knew what would happen to me if I wasn't able to guess the mysterious gnome's name by that night, so I came up with a plan.

MILLER: Cognice sought out one of the prince's knights and told him about her situation. Secretly, the brave knight agreed to seek out the gnome. He set out immediately, combing the countryside for any sign of him.

DAUGHTER: Luckily, just before dusk, the knight returned. He had found the little gnome's house deep in the woods far from the castle. The cunning little creature was dancing joyfully in front of his little tree house, singing, “I'll get that poor girl's first-born son! My name's Ifnkovhgroghprm!”

MILLER: That night, Cognice told Ifnkovhgroghprm that she had found out his name. He was absolutely furious that he wouldn't get to keep Cognice's first-born son.

DAUGHTER: (starting to cry again) He . . . He immediately cast a spell on my father and me. (She removes a ring from her finger, and the MILLER removes a similar ring from his. They show the rings to GRAHAM.) With these rings, Ifnkovhgroghprm is able to keep watch over us constantly. From that day until now, we have been forced to give nearly all the money we earn with our humble mill to Ifnkovhgroghprm as payment for all his “useless” work. He uses some kind of powerful magic to steal our earnings from us. Even if we try to hide our gold, he manages to find it. We've only barely been able to make ends meet ever since then.

GRAHAM: (Thinking) Ifnkovhgroghprm? That's the same gnome I met during my first quest! (If he knows about the time shift by speaking with ALI) This time shift is really strange! It's as if life in the Land of the Green Isles is like it was before Alexander and Rosella were even born . . . They must be the key to all this. (If he doesn't know about it) What in the blazes is going on? I thought Alexander said that Beauty's stepmother and stepsisters lived here . . . And how could she have possibly known about Ifnkovhgroghprm? Maybe somebody in the village can shed some light on things. (Speaking) Tell me more about Ifnkovhgroghprm and those rings. Why can't you just take them off?

MILLER: (He sighs.) They're enchanted. Ifnkovhgroghprm uses them to keep a constant vigil over us. And if we try to take them off, Ifnkovhgroghprm has assured us that we will die. You see, the rings create an unbreakable bond between Cognice and me. Through that bond, Ifnkovhgroghprm is able to use us to do his bidding until we pay him for all his work.

PLAYER SHOWS GOLD COIN TO MILLER (AFTER FINDING OUT ABOUT TIME SHIFT): GRAHAM: Excuse me, sir, but I believe I may be able to help you and your daughter . . . MILLER: Oh? TEXT BOX: Graham tries to tell the miller, as best he can, about who he is, the nature of his quest, and his past adventures. The miller's eyes brighten when Graham mentions the Magic Chest, and the fact that it is always full to the brim with gold coins. MILLER: Truly, Your Majesty? If you succeed in your endeavor, I hope you can find it in yourself to give us the money we need to pay Ifnkovhgroghprm back. GRAHAM: Of course. MILLER: Oh, thank you! Please accept these magic beans as a small token of our appreciation. They aren't the same kind of magic beans Ifnkovhgroghprm gave you so many years ago, though, because they can grow into any type of plant you wish. Simply plant them in fertile soil and say the name of the plant, and it will grow immediately. Giving us the magic beans is the only kind thing Ifnkovhgroghprm has done for us of late; we have been using them to grow the food we can no longer buy with the little money we have left. I must say, I do find your claim that time has shifted to be downright ludicrous, but my Cognice and I are desperate, and so we will do anything we can to have even the slightest chance at normal lives again. I wish you the best, King Graham. (The MILLER hands GRAHAM a small pouch.)


DESCRIPTION OF SCENE: The sea breeze ruffles Graham's hair as he stands at the Isle of the Crown's dock. The ferry is moored to the pier, ready to transport its next passenger. A stately lighthouse stands nearby, no doubt in an attempt to keep ships from running aground on the dangerous reefs surrounding the island.

PLAYER WALKS OFF PIER: Oops! (GRAHAM struggles and is pulled under.) Looks like this wasn't a good place to go for a swim. Graham proves too much for the island's merciless undertow. (Show death screen.)

PLAYER KNOCKS ON FERRY DOOR: (FERRYMAN exits.) FERRYMAN: Eh? Whaddaya want? GRAHAM: Excuse me, sir, but I'd like to ask you some questions. FERRYMANl I don't even know who you are. With all the crazy stuff that's been going on recently, I'm not about to trust anyone right from the start. (The player has a few seconds to show the FERRYMAN a coin, after which he shuts the door in GRAHAM's face.)

PLAYER SHOWS COIN TO FERRYMAN: GRAHAM: Good day, sir. I'm King Graham of Daventry, King Alexander's father. FERRYMAN: Hmmm . . . Yes, yes, indeed . . . The face on that coin does appear to be yours. I'm sorry if I seemed a little cold, but, like I said, with all this weird stuff going on, one can't exactly trust people too easily. Come inside.

(Scene changes to FERRY, INTERIOR. The ferry looks cleaner and more seaworthy than in KQ6. GRAHAM and the FERRYMAN sit on wooden stools in the cabin.)

FERRYMAN: So, you're King Alex's father . . . He's mentioned you frequently, Your Majesty. Speaks very highly of you.

GRAHAM: Then I'm sure he's told you about all the adventures I've had. It seems as if my days of questing aren't over. I must find out who has stolen my children from me, and why. Their disappearance has to have something to do with this strange shift in time, as well.

FERRYMAN: I think I may be able to help point you in the right direction, Your Majesty. I'll be more than happy to take you to the other islands, and the Great Oracle on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain might be able to shed some light on your situation. Here, let me show you a map. (The FERRYMAN picks up a map from the wooden table between the stools. Change to a full-screen view of the map. It looks exactly like the Magic Map in KQ6, including the Isle of the Mists. However, the Isle of the Beast, because of the time shift, is shown as the Isle of the Forest.) We're here, on the Isle of the Crown. (The FERRYMAN's finger points to the location on the map.) The Isle of the Sacred Mountain is the northernmost and largest island. (He points.) It'll probably be difficult for you to see the Oracle, though. The Isle of the Sacred Mountain is nothing more than one huge mountain. The Winged Ones' city is built on the top. In order to keep intruders from invading the city, the Winged Ones enchanted the cliff face and chiseled riddles into it. GRAHAMl I know. Alexander told me about them. FERRYMAN: But here's where it gets interesting, Your Majesty. When I was taking the ferry for her morning sail earlier, I saw the entire Isle of the Sacred Mountain glow . . . I steered the ferry closer to the shore, and was able to see that the riddles had changed right before my very eyes. The riddles were still there, but they weren't the same ones that had always been there before. I don't know what's going on, but suffice it to say that you probably won't find it too easy to scale the cliffs. Even if you do, the Winged Ones have never been known to be very hospitable to visitors, and they'll probably be even less hospitable than normal since everyone's on guard with the king's disappearance and all. The Isle of Wonder's s place to see, all right. (He points to it.) The people who live there are the weirdest bunch of characters in the entire kingdom, that's for sure. I hear that the Red Queen, who says she “rules” the island along with the White Queen, is holding some kind of game tournament today, so you might want to check that out. If you ask me, the Queens are full of hot air. They do nothing but bicker and argue. Great job “ruling” the island, Your Majesties; try to get things done once in a while. Heh-heh-heh . . . Anyway, the Isle of the Mists (He points.) isn't exactly worth visiting right now. Tensions are high again among the native Druids and the Queens. Rumor has it that the Red Queen stole some precious artifact from the Druids again, and now the Druids have holed up and aren't talking to anyone. I probably wouldn't go there if I were you. The Isle of the . . . Wait a minute! The Isle of the Beast isn't the Isle of the Beast anymore! The name has changed; I'm sure it read “Isle of the Beast” yesterday! The island used to be called the Isle of the Forest, but . . . What in the heavens is going on here? It's as if time has started going backward! GRAHAM: I know. I think it must have something to do with the disappearance of my children. They must be the key to all of this. FERRYMAN: I hope so, Your Majesty. This is so strange . . . I wish you the best of luck, and I stand ready to take you wherever you need to go to uncover information around the kingdom. So, where to? (Hand pointer appears on-screen.)

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