Tam Baker

Tam Baker was one of the Baker Bros who ran the Baker Bros. Bake House in Serenia. He is brother to Jym Baker and William Baker.


He is often seen repairing the wagon inside of Serenia towne used for the bakery's deliveries. In the town, Graham ran across the man fixing a broken wagon. Though Graham offered to assist him, the man declined his help. Later, the man inadvertently helped Graham when he left a silver coin behind that Graham could use.[1] Ironically, Graham used the silver coin to buy a pie from one of Tam's brothers.

He is one of the two members of the Fantabulous Baker Boys along with his brother Jym.


  • Apparently he got the wagon working again some time later, and travelled to Coarsegold, where it promptly broke down again. He man left the wagon there, because he could never get the dang thing repaired.[2]


  • Man Fixing Broken Wagon

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ5 credits he is known simply as the Man in Town (although that may actually refer to the random man who walks around the town saying things like "Top o' the mornin' to you sir".). In the KQ5 Hintbook he is simply known as the 'MAN FIXING BROKEN WAGON', and is not directly connected to 'THE BAKER BROTHERS', two burly brothers said to run the town bakehouse. The King's Quest Companion, 2nd Edition, made him one of the brothers, although William Baker is not specifically mentioned in the companion.

Technically, its unclear which brother is which, so its possible that the man fixing the broken wagon, is actually brother Jym.

Tam Baker is a reference to Tammy Faye Bakker the wife of 1980's televangelist.


  1. KQ5 Hintbook, pg 15
  2. Narrator (Freddy Pharkas Demo):"That there wagon was left by this guy from Serenia who could never get the dang thing repaired."

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