Tarzan was an inhabitant of the jungles of Africa.

Behind the scenesEdit

Graham and Valanice travelled to the jungles to return the Golden lion which Hagatha had stolen from Tarzan to guard her Crystal Tower. After freeing the great golden lion from its chains, they took it to its jungle home and released it.

Just before the lion disappeared into the foliage, it was joined by a tall man, wearing nothing but a loincloth. Both the lion and the man roared to the heavens, the man beating his chest, and then they were gone.

Graham himself never mentioned where the jungles were located to Derek Karlavaegen, and the writer never figured out where it was.

Behind the scenesEdit

Technically Tarzan isn't mentioned by name, but the reference is a direct reference to Tarzan of the Jungles.

Tarzan does get referenced a number of times in other Sierra games such as Space Quest and Quest for Glory.

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