Technology is something is material or devices based on science or sometimes mixed with magic.


It is often considered dangerous or frowned upon by many inhabitants of the World of Daventry. Largely because it lead to the destruction of magic, which is needed for the survival of many of the world's inhabitants and forced them to withdraw into the past in the first place.

Not all technology is frowned upon necessarily, but much of it is used for bad purposes. While others such as anachronistic water pumps, canned food, and ovens are considered just fine.

Magicians may rely on technology such as the wizard Mordack to recharge his magical wands, or the Eye Between the Worlds which allow users to communicate with the future world.

The people of Eldritch even rely on steam technology to control the volcano on their world.

It is said that any magic, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from technology.

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