In the tower of Manannan's house, there is a small observatory containing a telescope. Alexander-Gwydion says that Manannan could look through it and spy on anyone or any place he wished. Derek Karlavaegen, who lives in that house now, confirms this report.[1]

Manannan usually uses the heavy brass telescope, for spying on the poor citizens of Llewdor (he also has a magic ball in his study which he uses to spy on people outside of Daventry). While watching them he often mutters to himself, wondering what they are doing, and threatening to punish them for their actions, when they become disobedient. He is particularly angry when they break his rules.[2]

In the Arabian Nights story about the three brothers wanting to marry the same princess, one of the princes came upon just such a telescope, and it was through its power that they were able to discover their princess near death. They then flew the magic carpet to her side and cured her with the magic fruit.[3]


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