Thaumaturgists (aka Thamaturgists[1]) are practitioners of thaumaturgy the magic of miracles and wonderworking.


It is one of the forms of magicians in the World of Daventry, many are members of the Society of Wizards. The society is dedicated to historical and thaumaturgical research. Although most become members of the Magician's Guild.

Like most types of magic users, many come of this type come in flavors of good and evil, and the shades of black and white. Some follow the Left-Hand and others the Right-Hand paths.

Alexander seems to suggest that he is a practitioner of thaumaturgy in his book Iconomancy: A Magic Without Words.

Behind the scenesEdit

The KQ Companion speaks of thamaturgists (this is likel a mispelling) as the second edition mentions the term "thaumaturgical' at least twice, and thamatugist once. Thaumaturgist is a proper varient of the term 'thaumaturge'.


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