The Academy, was a school of higher learning in the Isles of Logic (though Knight School (KQGS) is also known as 'the academy').


Vee attended the Academy on scholarship, and held all the records. It is not to be confused with the northern Knight School (KQGS) Graham attended (which he also refers to as 'the academy').

The Academy is known for its Literature and Archery program and snute polo field.

Behind the scenesEdit

In chapter 1, Graham states he learned to become a knight at "the academy". In chapter 3, Vee states she went to a school on the Isles of Logic called "The Academy", it is unlikely that they went to school at the same location, and they are about the same age, or they would likely have bumped into each other.

During chapter 4 if Vee is the player's Valanice, then she will mention throwing away Graham's 'academy shirts'.

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