The Bruce Banner is the Port Bruce's newspaper, named after Banner of Bruce.

It is competing paper to the The Times of Daventry, Daventry Today, and Daventry People published in the Kingdom of Daventry.


The traveler guide the Telltale Traveler is published in the paper. One article was Ten Days in Tamir---Vacation in Paradise.

In one of the transcripts from the Bruce Banner, there is an advertisement for "a musically comedic adaptation of the Bard's masterpiece, Hamlet--a world premier by the one and only Frankie of Avalon!".[1]

In a short interview in the Bruce Banner; Rosella mentioned that she still wonders if she really did kill the witch Lolotte and says she has unsettling dreams at times where the crone recovered from her apparently fatal wound. In the dreams, Lolotte points a blood-covered finger at Rosella and cackles, "I'll get you, my pretty! I'll get you!" repeating it over and over.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bruce Banner is a reference to Marvel's Hulk


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