The Desert is a desert in the Realm of Eldritch. It is the southernmost part of known Eldritch lands.


It is a land of burning wastes, ruins of an ancient civilization that worshiped water, sun, and harvest gods. It is the location of a pyramid temple, a great stone face, a well of salty water, and a stone statue. The Jackalope and Kangaroo Rat live there. The ghost of Colin Farwalker once haunted the deserts lost with a great thirst. His bones are still bleaching in the desert sands. The outer edges are an Endless Desert.


Stepped PyramidEdit

The Stepped Pyramid is a pyramid in the Desert.[1]

Rare Curiosities (Rat's House) and Jackalope HoleEdit

The location of the Rare Curiosities and the Jackalope's home.

Cave and Damp SandEdit

Statue and WellEdit

A statue of a Water God[2] holding a bowl stands in front of a Well full of salt water. A few salt crystals sit next to the well. At the base of the statue are instructions that show how to purify the water. The statue's face can be manipulated to turn the statue into a sun god.[3] At the bottom of the well is a statue figure of yellow sandstone of a god. It holds a platter in its hands and will accept only turquoise as offerings. Valanice offered a Turquoise Bead to the statue.

Colossus Head (Cactus)Edit

A Colossus Head rests next to the cavern entrances. Footprints most peculiar lead towards it. The Turquoise Key is required to unlock its passageway.

Spirit Body (Whirlwind & Skeleton)Edit

Colin Farwalker shows Valanice to a desert whirlwind. The wind reveals Colin's remnants. Next to the bones are a Hunting Horn and a jar of Bug Reducing Powder.

Desert Rainbow[4]Edit

Behind the scenesEdit


KQ7 Hintbook Map

  • According to an unused sound file the desert's name is Huitzilipopuatlateknahualimoatlicue Desert. However, this is not confirmed in any of the works in the official released 'canon'.[5]
  • The ghost describes the desert as a cursed desert.
  • The outer edges of the desert are described as the 'Endless Desert' on the maps in the official KQ7 Hintbook and King's Quest Companion.
  • The term The Desert/Desert can also refer to the Desert in KQ5 as well, or KQ5NES (with the outer edges like KQ7 being referred to as the Endless Desert.


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