The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Family is an organization within the Black Cloak Society (unofficial)[1] The 'father' is a position within the Family. Those under the father are known as 'brothers' and 'sisters'. Manannan (unofficial) would give anything for their father’s love. The world does not suspect that the Society has reformed, their father strikes when the world is least prepared.[2] There are apparently several fathers and mothers in the organization. The Family asks for complete commitment. It is their way: one must give and give to their brothers and sisters, to their mothers and fathers.”[3][4] It may also include sons and daughters...

The Witch of the Dark Forest (unofficial) and Lucreto (unofficial) searched out for members of the Family in order to join the Black Cloak Society. They became initiates within the Family.

Behind the scenesEdit

Perhaps, Valanice was also a member of The Family, and Manannan was only her 'father' and she his 'daughter' in the sense that she was a member of the organization. The membership extended to Alexander and Rosella via birth to a member of the society.

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