The information from this article is from the fan game King's Quest III Redux or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


The Item is a mysterious and unknown artifact needed to regain the power of Legenimor. It is a sculpture shaped like a cupped pair of hands, which was originally buried with Legenimor in place of his own hands. Because of its power, the Item is the centerpiece of the Father's plans.


The identity of the Item, as the tool has come to be called, only one thing is certain: Whoever discovers the Item's form and function, and wields it successfully, may become the greatest being in the world... if not beyond. It is hoped by the good and knowing few that no such discovery is made. For if it were, no living being would be safe.

Behind the scenesEdit

In King's Quest III Redux, Alexander can find the Item while searching Treasure Island for the pirates who had him as hostage. According to the spirit of the wizard-pirate Seran he obtained the Item during his first crime, robbing Legenimor's tomb, and allows Alexander to take it.

Upon reuniting with his family, King Graham's Crown and the Item begin glowing, showing that the one can be used to locate the other and explaining the Father's interest in obtaining the crown. Graham takes the Item and tosses it from the highest castle rampart, causing it to shatter on the flagstones in front of the castle gate. Later, the Father comes upon the shattered remains; after magically collecting them, he gives an enraged expression, suggesting that the Item is well and truly destroyed forever.

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