The Oracle was an oracle living in the Oracle Cave in Llewdor.


He (she, it?) had been waiting for Alexander for a long time. When Alexander entered his cave, the Oracle appeared behind his crystal ball. He told Gwydion of three-headed dragon which had been devastating Daventry for several years, and how maidens had been given to the dragon each year. The oracle then told him the the plight of his sister, Rosella, that she was the latest victim chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon. After showing Alexander his quest, he started meditating.[1]

She was more of a gypsy fortune-teller than a seer. The Oracle is an immortal being, and no mere mortal may touch its mystic ball.

Behind the scenesEdit

His gender is unclear, as the game calls him a 'he', but questions if he is a 'she?' or an 'it?'. The Official Book of King's Quest treats him as a he, while the King's Quest Companion says its a 'she'.

The oracle can be referred to as a ghost in the parser.


  1. The Oracle (KQ3):I've been awaiting for you a long time. I have sorrowful news for you. Years ago, a terrible dragon three-headed dragon invaded Daventry, and keeps the people in a state of terror. This monster requires, once a year, the sacrifice of a young maiden. Sadly, your own sister, Princess Rosella, is the chosen one this year. Time is running out for her, your parents, and Daventry.""You, Gwydion, are the only one who can save them. But, you must hurry!!!

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