The Princeless Bride: From the Chronicles of Daventry, Part VII is the novelization of KQ7 from the King's Quest Companion and the King's Quest VII: The Authorized Player's Guide. It is written from the perspective of an unknown author, the framing story is that Valanice and Rosella were telling their story of their adventures in the Realm of Eldritch and Etheria to King Graham upon their return from the adventure.

The novelization is actually designed as a walkthrough that can be followed to win the game. It follows the main path through the game (as designated by the game developers)[1].

The subtitles of each part originates from the original KQVII Authorized Guide (the companion omits the subtitles and instead just elipses included at the end of each part).

The Princeless BrideEdit

Part the First...: Through the Looking PoolEdit

Part the Second...: Trolled!Edit

Part the Third...: I Would if I CouldEdit

Part the Fourth...: The Boogeyman Will Get You!Edit

Part the Fifth...: Alone in the CloudsEdit

Part the Sixth and Final.../Part the Sixth: The Eyes Have ItEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The above image taken from earlier Companions KQ4 chapter does not appear in the authorized guide.


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