The Swamp is a boggy region on the Isle of Wonder.


The Isle of Wonder's swamp is fetid, smelly, and full of life. Weird creatures pop out of the woodwork here. They aren't very cooperative.[1]

The Isle of Wonder swamp oozes muck, moss, and mud. Crickets and frogs sing an endless serenade, and the green-filtered light adds to the sense of dampness there. The fertile swamp is dense with moss-covered trees. Various plants grow there including dogwood trees, cattails, and milkweed.

It is the home of Stick-in-the-mud and Bump-on-a-log. The former lives on a tough old log that lies to the left of the path. The latter lives in the mush swamp that lies just off the path. The marshy swamp is not a safe place for swimming and is filled with sucking mud.

Behind the scenesEdit

Known simply as 'The Swamp' in the KQ6 hintbook by Lorelei Shannon, and described as the Isle of Wonder swamp in the game.


  1. KQ6 Hintbook, pg 32

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