The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The War was a war between the Black Cloak Society (unofficial) and the Silver Cloak Society one thousand years before The Silver Lining. The Silver Cloaks created a weapon Pandora's Box by sealing their souls into the Zodia Stone. They used the weapon to seal away the leader of the Shadows.

Behind the scenesEdit

Coincidentally the thousand year date is important in several King's quest timelines both official and fan stories. In the th [[Romancing the Stones Timeline]] one thousand years corresponds to the Grand War, the disappearance of Morgeilen and the start of The Father's search for 'the Item', the creation of the Sword of the First King, Legenimor's death, Granthithor's coronation as Daventry's king.

In the official timelines thousand years can refer to the age of the mummy in Tamir. It's also the final age of the Ancient Ones in the Green Isles. It's also the age in which the wizard Crispin lead the first withdrawal into the world of Daventry and the founding of Serenia and Daventry.

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