The gods are undefined pantheon (or pantheons) mentioned in several games.


It is said that life giving water is the 'nectar of the gods'. These gods maybe those worshiped in Serenia, or native to the region (or at least its desert). Those who worshipped a anonymous, nameless and forgotten god at the Desert Temple (however they may simply just worshipped Pegasus). Some legends suggest they killed themselves, and their god (however Pegasus still lives).

Oberon speaks of the 'blood of the gods'.

There are a number of known pantheons of gods including; Greek gods, Roman gods, Egyptian gods, the great gods, the gods of the Realm of Eldritch and Etheria (Faeries and others).

The gods work in mysterious ways.

It is not wise to spend much time around gods, even friendly ones.

The most powerful god is the creator known as God (and perhaps the only 'true God'), the rest are just minor deities. It is out of proper respect that the God of the Universe's name is capitalized, while all lesser gods are usually just called 'gods'. There is only one rare exception in the case of 'Thor', in some documents.

Some of the oldest of the gods are also referred to as 'ancient gods'.

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