Prince Throckmorton is one of Rosella's suitors.KQC 319


He is from Monticore. He was just mad about Rosella. But she had no interest in him, and found him particularly boring. Valanice considered him to be reliable and handsome, with a most beautiful smile, and intelligent. His hobby was conjugating Latin verbs. It is said that every princess in the known world was just dying to marry him. Valanice had invited the prince to visit Daventry before she and Rosella had their adventures in Eldritch. When Valanice traveled to Etheria, she thought Throckmorton was a much better choice than Rosella marrying a troll.


  • The Prince
  • Prince Throckmorton of Monticore

Behind the scenesEdit

His name is spelled "Throckmorton" in the KQ7 resource files, and Authorized King's Quest VII Players Guide & King's Quest Companion, 4th edition. In production cinematics for the KQ7 Intro Movie, Throckmorton's name was spelled, Throgmorton, for some reason.

Valanice's comment trails off in the cutscene and cannot be heard. The complete soundfile can be found in the game files. "That's why I've, well I've invited the prince to visit next month. Won't that be nice Rosella, you will be polite to him won't you."

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