TIPS FOR THE BEGINNING ADVENTURER If you haven't played one of Sierra's 3-D animated adventure games before, here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

LOOK everywhere. When you go somewhere you haven't been before, the first thing to do is look around. You should get a description of the general area. Often there is a clue to the game or an indication that something in the scene bears further investigation.

EXPLORE each area of the game very carefully. Search the wizard's domain, both inside and out -- even (or perhaps especially) those places he doesn't want you poking around in. Venture out to mix and mingle with the inhabitants of the surrounding countryside of Llewdor.

DRAW A MAP that includes each place you visit, objects found, dangerous areas, any and every landmark you see along the way. Try not to miss any area, or you may miss an important clue or item necessary to the completion of your quest. And don't think that because you've been somewhere once, it will be the same the next time. The population of Llewdor (and other countries you might visit) can move around as well as you (some better).

In addition to constructing your own map, you may also find a certain magic map hidden in the wizard's house. It's up to you to unlock its special powers.

Keep your ears open - TALK to just about everyone you meet, but use discretion! Some characters will be friendly and helpful. They will give you valuable information and advice. Others will try to trick you, so be ready to run and hide. If that doesn't work, you may have to find some other way of outwitting them.

PICK UP anything that isn't nailed down. You'll come across many objects that have a use somewhere else in the game. Your inventory is listed on the "status" screen (accessed with the TAB key).

USE the items you pick up to solve large and small problems in the game. Some problems have obvious solutions. If you need to dig a hole, use a shovel. Other problems require more imagination to solve.

BE CAREFUL. The way you must travel is long and dangerous. Be sure to remain alert at all times -- disaster may strike in the most unlikely of places.

SAVE YOUR GAME often. That way, if misfortune should strike along the way, you won't have to start over from the beginning (see your reference card for instructions on saving your game).

DON'T GET DISCOURAGED. If you come to an obstacle that seems insurmountable, don't despair. Explore the game some more, then come back later and try again. If you're stuck, you might try backtracking to an earlier point in the game -- you might have forgotten to do something vital. Or you can buy a King's Quest III hint book using the enclosed order form.

Be brave, be resourceful, be true.

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