"To Die at Dawn" is a short story by Allronix, taking place while Rosella is in Tamir for KQ4.

Still reeling from his escape from Manannan, his hellish journey to Daventry, and the surprise about his true identity, Alexander is summoned to the dying Graham's bedside. All the while, he is thinking of the other fate that could have been - being murdered by Manannan in a ritual that would have extended the old wizard's life.

It is a nerve-wracking reunion for both men. Overcome with guilt and shame over his failure to save Alexander, especially when he feels the outline of deep scars under Alex's tunic, Graham begs for forgiveness.

Comforting his stricken father, Alexander assures him that there isn't anything to forgive. As far as anyone knew, he had drowned as an infant. Furthermore, Daventry needed its king. Alexander hesitates for a moment, and then tells Graham about the spell Manannan used - offering his own life for Graham's. A horrified Graham refuses. Once again, Alexander assures Graham that all is forgiven. In what could have been his final act (had Rosella not retrieved the fruit), Graham takes out Alexander's signet ring (from KQ6), which he had been wearing on a cord around his neck and gives it to his son.

When Rosella returns with the fruit and heals Graham, Alexander contemplates that there had still been a death in that room - the death of Gwydion.

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