Tom Trow, the Sense Gnome of Smell.

Tom Trow is the Sense Gnome of Smell. He has an oversized nose, which allows him to smell things better than others. He speaks with a highly nasal voice. Alexander fools him by holding a Flower of Stench under his nose.

He is also known as the Smell Gnome.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

A trow (also trowe or drow), is a malignant or mischievous fairy or spirit in the folkloric traditions of the Orkney and Shetland islands. Trows are generally inclined to be short of stature, ugly and shy in nature.


  • "Alert, my brothers! As we feared! A man, a man has landed here!"
  • "My nose cannot be tricked that way. The smell of man still rules the day."
  • "Tom Trow I am. That's all I'll be. (sniffs) My nose knows all on Land and Sea. (sniffs) A flower of stench has washed ashore. A flower, 'tis all, and nothing more. (sniffs)"


  1. KQ6 Hintbook, pg77

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