The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Tower Realm is a small world inside of a snow globe in Hagatha's Cave. It is where Valanice is held captive.
Tower realm


In there the world there is no sun, as light shines in from the cave outside, making the sky appear brilliant orange. If one can ascend high enough, the sky can be touched. There is no wind in the surreal world. There is a tranquil magenta-colored sea, fed by magenta waterfalls. The magenta sea's calm hides the swift undercurrents at work there. A land of blue cliffs circles around the edge of the globe. In the center of the world is the Enchanted Island. The island is made of quartz rocks and topaz sand. Strange multi-colored palm trees dot the landscape[1]. On the island is a tower made of opaque quartz blocks. The tower is what gives the realm its name.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Tower Realm has several differences from the Enchanted Isles in the official King's Quest games. The seas appear tranquil, whereas the rainbow seas are rough in the official King's Quest 2. The border land where Graham fishes for the golden fish is only one screen long (it is three screens long in the original).

The "strange palm trees" found in the tower realm resemble actual palms known as 'xarecaceae'.[citation needed]


  1. Narrator (KQ2RTS):"The trees on this small island are tall, with spreading branches and huge, fan-like leaves.", "Two smaller palm trees flank the larger one in the center of the island.", "The trees are too difficult to climb because of their odd shapes and sizes.","A tall palm tree stands on this small island. It looks climbable."

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